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Tempest is Making It's Way To IOS and Android Devices This Month

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Tempest is a pirate inspired open world Action RPG. It released on Steam last year. If you like to play games on your phone then you’re luck because Tempest is making it’s way over to ISO and Android later this month. 

Tempest will be unlike anything the phone gaming world has ever seen. There are no microtransactions or energy bar above your screen. Once you buy it it’s yours and you can play it as long as you want. And how many good pirate games can you think of on phones?

I remember enjoying Tempest last year. It’s a game with some flaws, but is fun to play by yourself or with friends. If you’re interested in what I thought of the game at the time that it released last year click here.

Tempest will release on April 18 for $7.99. I think it’s worth that price for phones when you consider that it’s $14.99 on Steam. You’re getting a pretty good discount there.

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    Apr 11, 2017 3:27 pm

    I love pirates and hate energy bars. I’ll have to look into this 🙂

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