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Tempest Review

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Everyone is calling Tempest a difficult version of Sid Meier’s Pirates! and I honestly don’t see why. They’re almost nothing alike. Here’s my review for Tempest. 

I’m a huge fan of Sid Meier’s Pirates. I played it for at least 200 hours back in the day. I had a old crappy desktop that couldn’t run much, but it ran Pirates perfectly and that was good enough for me. That game got me into pirates and I try and play every new pirate game that releases to see if any of them can recapture the magic that Sid Meier’s Pirates left in my heart.

That’s not the case with Tempest, but it’s not a bad game. It’s just not a great one.

The Great:


I love customizing my ships in this game. At first I didn’t have much at all. I had some crewman, a basic sail, and some cheap cannonballs. As I progressed through the game I eventually got my hands on fireballs, magic spells, a bigger ship, and so much more. There is a good amount of customization in this game and I love it. The beginning of the game can be hard, but stick with it because it really pays off in the end.

The Good:



If you’ve ever played a Pirate game of any sort you’ll know how the gameplay handles in this game. You’ll spend 95% of your time on the open seas exploring or fighting off other factions that will try to murder you. A well aimed shot can end up changing the pace of a battle and turning it into your favor.

The best part is you can enjoy this game with friends and play together. What’s better than stealing booty? Stealing booty with your friends. This game nailed the pirate atmosphere and is a lot of fun to play, but it isn’t perfect. Some battles can last really long because sailing through the seas is a very, very time consuming process and if you opponent has a faster ship you’ll never catch them if they decide to turn tail and run.


Everything sounds like you expect it to sound in a pirate game. That’s not exactly a bad thing, but it’s not great either. Listening to the waves splashing against my ship while I sailed the ocean was great and the cannonballs had a nice oomph to them too. When I paid attention to the music it was okay, but it’s nothing memorable.


This is a okay looking game. Nothing will wow you or blow you away. The best looking Pirate game to date is still Blackflag and I doubt that’ll change any time soon. Since you’ll be looking at nothing but water it helps that it’s actually nice to look at. The ships look nice too, but they could look better. Npcs look about average, and the particle effects are about above average for today’s standards.

The Bad:

It Lacks Depth:


There are quest to do in this game, but they all lack depth. None of them are memorable and even though you’re supposed to start a new map every time you generate one they all played out the exact same way for me. None of it was memorable in the slightest and that’s a big problem for a game that’s supposed to be a RPG game. Everything that this game does has been done before, except for the spells thing, and better in games that released in the past.

The World Is Lifeless:

This game is open world, but a good 75% percent of the time I didn’t even bother to explore it. Why? Because there’s nothing there to explore. There’s no point in manually sailing the seas because the only thing that’ll happen is the occasional band of pirates that’ll try and kill you on the way to your next town. All I did was open the world map and watch as my ship sailed across that map to my next objective or city.

The Verdict:

Tempest is a good game and it’s cheap. I think it’s worth the $15 price tag, but don’t go in expecting Sid Meier’s Pirates because it’s not. It actually does some things better than Pirates, but as a whole it’s nowhere near as enjoyable in my opinion. The unique spells and pirate theme will keep me playing this game for a little while and hopefully we’ll get some more content down the road because I think this game really needs it.


Full Disclosure:

I did not pay for a copy of this game. I received a review copy from the developers. I pride myself on providing honest reviews and whether or not I paid for the game is irrelevant. 

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