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Temtem Is Not The Pokemon Killer It’s Advertised As

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There’s a lot of hype surrounding Temtem right now and I can see why. If you believe the Internet then everyone hated Pokemon Sword & Shield. If you believe the Internet then Pokemon Sword & Shield are the worst Pokemon games of all time after Let’s Go. Despite the “controversy” Pokemon Sword & Shield managed to become the fastest-selling Switch games ever and sold a little more than 16 million copies in just a few months.

Temtem released at the perfect time. A time when a good minority of people were tired of Pokemon and wanted something new. I have nothing against a new monster catching game, but to say that it’s the new Pokemon killer is funny to me. What would make people come up with that bold statement? Because you really like it that means it’s going to kill the biggest video game franchise on the planet? Okay…

Temtem is a decent game. It’s not bad at all, but I do have a bunch of issues with it already. Yes, I know it’s an early access game and it should only get better with time, but I don’t see certain things, like the breeding system, ever being touched. Since I hinted at the breeding mechanic lets start there. Breeding in this game is worse than Pokemon. I’m never going to touch the breeding mechanic. It’s terrible in every way and the more you breed with a Temtem the worse your odds are. If you breed too much with a Temtem they’ll eventually lose the ability to make children.

Compare that to Pokemon when you can have an infinite amount of eggs until you get the perfect Pokemon for you and this part of the game falls flat on its face. It’s too much to be bothered with in my opinion and it’s something I don’t think I’ll touch unless it’s completely revamped.

Temtem’s gameplay is good but falls short of being great because of the stamina system. Battles simply take too long and this game doesn’t respect my time. If I’m 5 or 6 levels over another Temtem I should kill it with a single shot. Even now with a level 26 Temtem I still can’t one-shot a level 12. That level 12 still does a good amount of damage to my Temtem and that shouldn’t be the case here. Yes, they do a little less damage to my level 26 Temtem, but it should be even less than that if my stats mean anything. I don’t think they do. I think every move has a fixed damage value. That’s the only thing that’ll explain why I’m taking so much damage from Temtems half my level. I don’t know if it’s a bug or just designed that way. I know what thing though.

That doesn’t happen in Pokemon. I’ll add that I don’t mind the stamina system, but right now I think it needs to be tweaked to work more like Nexomon’s. In Nexomon, you also have a stamina system that isn’t anywhere near as brutal as the one Temtem has. At most I can only attack two to three times before I have to use an item or rest. All that does is make the battles last longer than they should and add an artificial difficulty to the game.

Let’s talk about difficulty. What is difficult for me might not be to you and vice versa. We’re all different so there’s going to be different opinions on what we think is hard. Temtem is a really easy game. It’s about as easy as Pokemon. It does have some difficulty spikes against certain tamers, but those are few and far between. I think my biggest issue with this game is the fact that it’s an MMO. I don’t care that I can see a bunch of other people on my screen playing the game. I don’t care that I can challenge them to a battle or trade them. I can do all those things in Pokemon too. The only difference is I’m more immersed in Pokemon because I’m by myself. When I’m fighting a gym leader It’s ME versus the gym leader, not 20 people standing in each other fighting the exact same gym leader.

I love the fact that I can do co-op battles with my wife which is something I’ve always wanted to do with her in Pokemon and closest we ever got to that was Dynamax battles. Exploring the world of Temtem is a lot of fun even though the story is complete shit. We love the monster designs and I’ll put the animation quality on par with Pokemon Sword & Shield. They’re not super impressive and they’re not bad either.

In short, Temtem is not the Pokemon killer every upset Pokemon fan and popular Youtuber advertise it as. It still has a long way to go before it can even be mentioned in the same breath as Pokemon, but that doesn’t make it a bad game though. It’s the opposite. Temtem is fun and does have a lot of potential to be the game it’s advertised as. I don’t see an MMO ever taking over Pokemon for me though, but I would love to see a real co-op, not MMO, Pokemon game released in the near future though.

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