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The Adventures of Skyrim – Draugrs, The White Phial, And Little Balls of Light

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Getting to the White Phial was no easy task. I had to fight my way through dozens of angry draugr, avoid a buttload of traps, and fight my first super boss. 

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I was not ready for what lied ahead of me in Forsaken Cave. I knew I was underleveled for this quest, but being the stubborn Dark Elf that I am I decided to enter the cave anyway. Inside the cave was dark, but I could easily see the two frost trolls waiting for me not too far in. I managed to take one out with my bow, but the other one charged me. After burning it to death I pulled out my torch and started looking for a way deeper into the cave.

The further I got into Forsaken Cave the more it started to turn into a crypt. Pretty soon I was neck deep in a draugr crypt. At first, I thought this would be a cakewalk because I figured I would be fighting draugrs around my level. I quickly realized my mistake. After avoiding an arrow trap and unlocking a gold treasure for a measly silver necklace I ran into my first draugr. It went down easily. I had to equip a torch in my offhand since it was so dark. That took away my spells and I knew I had to be extra careful in battle because I would be forced into some close range battles.

I noticed a hallway close to where I killed the first draugr. I started to slowly make my way down the hall when I heard another draugr running towards me. This was… a little harder to kill, but I managed just fine. Once I reached the end of the hallway I was shot by an arrow that did a considerable amount of damage to me. I backed up and poked my head out to see if I could see who was shooting the arrows at me. It was too dark to see anything past my torch so I rushed down the stairs and killed the archer with a single blow. When I turned around there was a draugr wight standing in front of me with a big ass sword. I immediately ran back upstairs, switched to my bow, and started sniping his ass. When he got close to me I switched back to melee combat and tried my best to avoid his strikes while bashing him with my torch. A single hit from that thing had me on death’s door, but I managed to kill it before it hit me again.

As I made my way through the dungeon every draugr from that point on was either a restless draugr or draugr wight. The wights are really hard to kill for a level 6 and the only way to take them out is by being crafty. I used poisons, hid in shadows and sniped them and even used the environment to my advantage. I had fought my way through countless draugr and was finally in the final room. Inside there was a boss named Curamil and he was pissed that I was there. When he awoke from his slumber so did all of his servants. I immediately crouched and was very surprised when no one saw me. I started sniping like crazy at every shadow that moved. One went down, then two, then three of them. The only one left was Curamil and he was looking on the wrong side of the crypt for me. I sniped him until he went down to one knee, I walked up to him and delivered the killing blow with my blade. After looting him I noticed a giant word wall. I was about to get my first shout. I think that’s a worthy reward for what I had just been through. After getting my shout I looted the place and made my way downstairs. In front of me was the White Phial. I had finally found it…

My long journey was finally over. All I had to do was leave Forsaken Cave and take this thing back to that old Altmer for my reward. When I exited the cave it was dark outside. I had been in there for hours and was happy to breathe the fresh mountain air again.

I told you it was dark 🙂

My torch had gone out on the way outside so I was forced to face the darkness without any light sources. On my way back to Windhelm I ran into a Khajitt named Kharjo. He told me about an amulet he had lost. I agreed to find his amulet for him even though he didn’t want me to. The amulet was located in the Wreck of Winter Wear. Lovely name right?

When I saw those giant doors leading to Windhelm I sighed. I had never been so happy to see this racist town.

I decided now would be a great time to check all of the loot I had acquired. I found some ancient Nordic boots (heavy armor), a bunch of shit that I don’t need, and a glass spear… which I also don’t need because I use one-handed weapons. The spear would fetch me a pretty penny though so I was happy. After I sold everything I spent the night at the local inn. When I awoke the next day I took the old Altmer his White Phial and was cussed out because it was cracked and useless to him. He gave me 5 septims for my trouble and left. On my way outside his apprentice apologized to me for his master’s attitude and explained that he’s at the end of his life. He gave me 500 septims and I left after buying a few potions for the road.

I had a little over 2,000 septims on me and decided to hold on to my money instead of spending it on something I don’t need right now. I started to make my way towards the Wreck of Winter Wear. The walk towards the wreck was uneventful until I came across a place called Yngol Barrow. I decided to stop what I was doing and explore this place.

I expected to run into some trouble when I entered this cave, but I didn’t. It was eerily quiet and my only companions were some floating blue balls of light.

The blue balls were following me everywhere I went. It didn’t bother me since they’re a good source of light in this dark ass cave. I found one of those dragon claws as I was exploring. There were still no enemies in sight. I knew something had to be ahead of me in this “empty” cave. I went even further into the cave and came across a long bridge. The balls of light ran ahead of me to the other side. It was as if they were leading me somewhere.

I found another torch 🙂

I opened the door at the end of the hall and it led to another hallway. This one had one of those puzzle doors at the end of it. After solving the puzzle the door opened and ahead of me was a giant-sized chest sitting behind a big throne. As I approached a giant-sized draugr stood up. The draugr was Yngol and he killed me with a single blow. After reloading my save I decided the best way to kill Yngol was to lure him out and shoot him to death. It worked. When he dropped to one knee I walked up to him and burned him to death.

My rewards were magnificent. I looted Yngol and received the Helm of Yngol

and an Ebony Sword! I’m a level 8 with an Ebony Sword :). And this explains why he killed me with a single hit too. My other reward was a rare book called Song of Hromir. If I’m not mistaken I’ll be needing that book later for a quest. I was in a really good mood when I exited the cave. And since it was still light out I managed to get a screenshot of my new weapon.

Even the sheath looks good… This weapon will mow down anything that dares get in my way and I tested it out on a poor horker that was minding its’ own business. I wasn’t too far from the Wreck of Winter Wear now. I could see the ship. The problem is it was in the middle of the ocean and there’s a good chance that I would freeze to death if I tried swimming there. I equipped every piece of heavy cloth that I had on me and started to swim towards the wreck.

Before I continue though take a look at this screenshot I took when I looked around after exiting that barrow.

The wolf in the distance makes the picture pop more to me.

When I made it to the Wreck of Winter Wear I made a small fire to warm myself up. My character was cold. After warming up I sniped a bandit that was cooking a meal for her companions, sniped their mage, ran up to the archer and gutted him like a fish with my fancy new sword. I also burned a few of them too.

The bandit chief was nothing for me to beat and I’m playing on expert mode. He went down easily to my ebony sword and I found the amulet that Kharjo asked me to find for him. All I have to do is track him down and return it to him when I can. The way back to Windhelm was brutal. The winds were strong, it was getting late and I knew I wouldn’t make it back there without freezing to death (damn you Frostfall). I stopped at Traitors Past and spent the night in front of the fire before heading back and this is where my adventure comes to an end… at least for now.


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