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The Adventures of Skyrim – Getting Started

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I’m officially back into Skyrim and instead of buying it on the Switch I decided to boot up the PC version of Special Editon and roll a new character with some fancy new mods. My game has never looked better than it does now and I’m in love with my new dark elf too. Here is part 1 of an ongoing series of Skyrim. 

I took my sweet time while I was creating my new Skyrim character. I wanted him to be perfect. I was going to roll a Nord at first but decided that I wanted to be a Dark Elf for their bonus to destruction magic. I want to be a spellsword this time around and having some extra oomph to destruction magic would make the beginning of the game go by a little smoother than if I choose a Nord.

After creating my elf I started the game. I didn’t go through your normal beginning like most of you would on consoles. I have a neat mod called alternate start live another life. This mod allows me to roleplay and not have to do the long beginning to Skyrim since I’ve experienced it dozens of times already. I choose to start my new life in Windhelm. I am a Dark Elf refugee from Morrowind. Waking up in Windhelm isn’t what you would expect it to be if you’re not a Nord. Dark Elves and Argonians are shunned by the Nords in Windhelm and they live in bad conditions. The slums in Windhelm are called the grey quarter and that’s where anyone that’s not a Nord live. I had enough of the abuse suffered by the Nords and decided to leave town once and for all, but before I could do that I needed equipment. All I had on me were dirty rags and a steel sword to defend myself with. I needed proper armor and making some gold before setting out isn’t such a bad idea.

I walked through the grey quarter and met a Nord named Brunwolf Free-Winter. A fellow Dark Elf was trying to convince Brunwolf to talk to Ulfric Stormcloak about their living conditions. After they finished their conversation I struck one up with him and learned that Ulfric doesn’t tolerate anyone that’s not a Nord. He could care less about the other have of his citizens. So… I guess that means I’m not joining the Stormcloaks :).

The Grey Quarter

I decided to stop wasting time and head towards the blacksmith to get some armor made. On the way there I got really distracted by the beauty of Windhelm. I took a bunch of screenshots on my way to the blacksmith and involved with two Nords bullying another Dark Elf. I decided to follow him into the inn and beat the crap out of him.

After that, I was finally ready to craft myself some starting gear at the blacksmith. I didn’t have much on me, but I did manage to craft myself a studded vest, hide bracers, and hide shoes. I used my leftover materials to make a bow. That will come in useful for hunting and for taking out those pesky bandit archers with laser aim. After I made myself some gear I went up to see Ulfric Stormcloak’s steward Jorleif for some work. He tasked me with slaying some bandits that have been giving the locals some trouble. It’s not the most glamorous job, but it’s a paying one and I’m in desperate need of some Septims right now.

It’s time to finally leave Windhelm and start my adventure! On the way, I stopped in front of the huge Ysgrammor statue and was amazed at how good a 6, almost 7, year old game still looks today.

I stood in front of the giant doors, checked my inventory and headed outside.

That’s me!

There was a small blizzard outside, but I had some decent gear to prevent me from freezing to death. My talk would take me pretty far from Windhelm and who knows how many dangers I would face before I arrived at my destination.

I walked past the stables, sighed because I can’t afford a horse and started walking towards my destination. It was beautiful outside –

After walking for a few minutes I came across a group of hunters that were being attacked by a frost troll. I questioned charging in to help them because it’s a freaking frost troll and I’m a lowly level 1, but I charged in any way. By the time I got there the troll was dead and the hunters moved on to attacking something else in the wilderness. On my way to slay those bandits I came across a ruin called Raven’s Rest.

I decided to stop and explore this place and prayed to the RNG gods that I wouldn’t run into anything beyond my skill level. Once inside I found two dead bodies.

They were killed by their boss for trying to defend one of their own that their boss previously murdered. After killing a lone bandit with ease I fell down a hole and was completely surrounded by bandits on all sides. I killed 5 or 6 of them, but their numbers proved to be too much for me to handle and I died from a lightning blast to the back. This first adventure was mostly spent in Windhelm preparing, but I hope you enjoyed reading it :).

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    Jan 03, 2018 12:41 am

    I always appreciate it when games (or modders in this case) provide an option to skip the intro sections of a game if you’ve already experienced them. It often puts me off a new playthrough if I know I have to sit through the early crawl and tutorial battles before I can really get started again.

    • Reply
      Jan 03, 2018 8:41 am

      Me too! I don’t think developers realize how much we replay their games. Having the ability to skip the intro and just get started is greatly appreciated in games that do it.

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