Adventures of Playthroughs Skyrim 8

The Adventures of Skyrim – Mysterious Light, Ancestral Whispers, and a Dwarven Stronghold!

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A lot happened to me the last time I played Skyrim. A simple bandit contract turned into a full-blown adventure filled with mysterious things happening all around me. 

Previously on The Adventures of Skyrim, I created a new Dark Elf, crafted myself some crappy starter gear, and started my adventure. You can catch up on everything I did by clicking here.

After my death in Raven’s Rest, I went back in with a vengeance. I used the traps around me to my advantage and took out an entire hallway filled with bandits with one trap. I sniped the remaining three with my bow, killed a few draugr, and took out a lonely mage in a hallway filled with arrow traps. On my way out I came across another long corridor. It usually has one of those locked doors that can only be opened with a claw and aligning the symbols in the correct order. Instead of that I was faced with more bandits and decided to set off a fire trap and kill them all.

After the fire trap room and finally found their leader. She was too tough for me to run in and fight so I sniped her out of hiding and finished her and her goons off in melee combat. I found some really sweet loot for my efforts and walked out of Raven’s Rest in high spirits. The armor that I found is beyond anything I could have hoped to find this early in the game, but I’ll get to that later.

After leaving Raven’s Rest I was treated to a gorgeous view and decided to explore some more while heading towards my next destination. While walking through the forest I was attacked by a pack of wolves. They were easily taken care of, but I did catch a glimpse of an orcish stronghold in the distance. I decided to head that direction so I could try and gain entry to the hold. When I got their an angry Orc aiming a bow at me told me that if I if I wanted to gain entry to their stronghold I had to find a specific item for them. I agreed and set off on a brand new map marker. It wasn’t really out of my way. I could take care of that task and then kill the bandits. On my way to the map marker, I heard faint whispers all around me. They commanded me to kill something in my area. I followed the voices until I saw a highlighted enemy. It was a novice conjurer and she was running right at me. I killed her and the voices that spoke to me seemed satisfied. The voices were that of my ancestors and if I obey them every time they ask me to do something I would be rewarded. I have no idea what the reward is, but I plan on finding out.

After killing the novice I noticed a light shining the darkness around me. I looked up and there was no sun. The moon was in the sky, but there was a bright light beaming down out of nowhere. I decided to check it out.

The light was shining down on an altar. There was blood, a book, and a cave right next to the altar. The cave was Cragwallow Slope. I entered the cave and crouched down. I didn’t know what to expect and if I could take one or two enemies out before they noticed me it would make the battle a lot easier for me. It turned out that this was a conjurer cave. A bunch of mages in a cave was bad news for me, but I had previously acquired a Storm Atronach scroll from the previous dungeon I was in and decided to use it for this occasion. It made short work of the master mage hiding deep into the cave and I found the item that the Orc wanted for me to enter the stronghold. I walked out with some nice loot. It was mostly soul gems, but they’re worth some decent coin and I could definitely use some cash right now.

I left Cragwallow Slope and continued my journey towards Stony Creek Cave. On my way there I got distracted, again, by a large dwarven ruin.

I know I should avoid those places at all cost right now, but I was curious. The ruin was Mzult. I walked in the front door and was disappointed when the door after it was locked. It was dark as hell on the inside and I couldn’t see a thing. I decided to look for another way in. I around the stony building and found a storage room. Unlocking the expert lock was easy. I only went through a single lockpick. Once inside I hit the jackpot. I found 18 Dwarven Ingots. Looting all of them put me over my carry limit so I dropped a few Iron Ingots I was carrying and decided it was a good time to make my way back to Windhelm before continuing my journey. On my way out of the storage room, I was attacked by some baby spiders. I took care of them and left the facility.

Once I got back to Windhelm I went towards the blacksmith and sold all of the armor pieces that I didn’t need. After that, I went into the White Phial to buy some potions and alchemical ingredients so I could start leveling up my alchemy. As I entered I heard an old Altmer arguing with his young apprentice. The Altmer wanted to go off to some cave to get something called the White Phial, but his apprentice forbid from going because he wouldn’t make the trip. The Altmer (High Elf) turned to me and I volunteered my services to help him fulfill his lifelong dream of finding the White Phial. The cave is pretty far out of my way so I decided it would be best to do that after my bandit quest. I bought all of the potions that I could afford (2) and left.


On my way to the exit, I ran into Brunwolf Free-Winter again. He told me some more about the harsh conditions the non-Nords are living in and bought up some bandits that Ulfric refuses to deal with because it’s not a Nord problem. I gladly volunteered to take care of the bandits for him. Brunwolf seemed happy and told me he’ll pay me and teach me some tricks about wearing heavy armor.

I left Windhelm and headed towards my new quest since it was right outside of town. The walk towards the bandit hideout was brutal. I was freezing in the cold and if I didn’t find a place to warm up soon I would freeze to death. As I was about to give up hope I noticed my destination ahead of me. I had arrived at Traitors Post. As soon as I crept into the doorway I fired off an arrow and killed their mage. Someone came to investigate and I killed her too. Since my sneaking skill isn’t that high yet they all rushed me. I ran outside and started killing everyone that ran out the door.

After killing their leader I decided to spend the night in Traitor’s Post and warm up before the cold outside could kill me. I found a nice cloak to keep me warm and a fireplace too.

When I woke up I packed up my things and started making my way back to Windhelm. I turned in my quest, got paid, and learned a thing or two about wearing heavy armor, which is useless to me since I’m a sneaky spellsword :). I had about 2,000 septims on me and went outside to buy a horse only to learn that I still couldn’t afford it. It was 3,000 septims :(. So… I kept moving towards my new destination.

I decided to skip my original bandit bounty (for now) and go after the White Phial instead. I crossed a bridge heading north, killed some more wolves, and witnessed the end of a Stormcloak/Imperial skirmish. It was a massacre of Stormcloak soldiers. I waited until the Imperials left and looted the Stormcloak leader for her armor. I hit the jackpot and found a full set of Scaled Armor. That’s high-quality gear and it’s better than the Chitin set that I’m wearing now. My next stop will be securing the White Phial, killing those pesky bandits, and following up on some rumors about a massacre at Helgen by a dragon.


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  • Reply
    Jan 04, 2018 12:39 pm

    Keep doing these! I’m finding them really enjoyable. When I played I only really focussed on the main story so it’s great reading about all the side stuff.

    • Reply
      Jan 04, 2018 12:42 pm

      Thanks! I really appreciate the kind comment :). I really enjoyed your Xcom write ups and they inspired me to do one on Skyrim.

      • Reply
        Jan 04, 2018 12:44 pm

        I think Skyrim is really well suited to that format due to the huge variety of things that can happen.

        • Reply
          Jan 04, 2018 12:47 pm

          Yep. A simple quest to slay bandits can turn into much more since anything can happen :), but you can get just as many stories out of Xcom because of the randomness of it. You never know if your next move will get someone killed or what aliens are lying in wait around the next corner. It’s exciting.

          • iplayedthegame
            Jan 04, 2018 1:24 pm

            Very much so. Games that offer perma-Death are thrilling for that sort of thing. Assuming there’s some element of progression perhaps; I can’t go full rogue like!

          • Drakulus
            Jan 04, 2018 3:42 pm

            I’m not a fan of rogue like games. I don’t see the progression that I’m making if I have to start all the way from the beginning. Some rogue likes are good like The Binding of Isaac, but most of them aren’t for me :).

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