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The Adventures of Skyrim – Riverwood, A Robbery, My First House, Three Guardian Stones, and A New Armor Set!

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It’s been awhile since I’ve written one of these for Skyrim. School has officially started again and most of my time goes towards teaching my children since I homeschool them. That doesn’t mean that I’m giving up on this series. That means I’ll be releasing them a little further apart from now on :). 

After my adventures in Windhelm, I decided to go somewhere warmer. All of my previous adventures have taken place in this cold, harsh environment and some of the quests that I’ve received are way beyond my current skill. I decided to go to Whiterun. I paid the carriage driver outside the city walls to take me to Whiterun. When I got there it was dark. The only thing I could see was the main gate of the city. I decided it would be best to spend the night at the inn before heading out towards Riverwood.

When I opened the city gates and walked inside of Whiterun I saw Idolaf Battleborn talking to Adrianne Avericci about the current war happening in Skyrim.

Once he noticed me had asked me a question, “Greymane or Battleborn?” Confused I blurted out Battleborn and he called me a friend and walked away. What just happened? I decided it would be best to just head straight to the inn before any more weird conversations could happen to me. Once I was in The Bannered Mare I paid for my room and went straight to bed. When I woke up I walked outside and saw the town square filled with people. Shopkeepers were up selling their wares, the local townsfolk were talking to each other, and children were running around the place playing hide and seek.

I went to the first stall I saw and talked to a young woman named Carlotta. She told me how every man in town has eyes for her and how she, basically just wants to be left alone to raise her daughter. After I finished talking to Carlotta her kid approached me and told me a story about her father and how he promised to bring her a gift. It turns out that he never came back and the poor kid still believes that he will one day. Her mother told me not to worry about it, but I volunteered to help the kid find her dad because it would make her feel better.

I made my way out of the city with one goal in mind. To get to Helgen and start the main quest so I could learn how to shout. On the way to Riverwood, I came across two Redguard men interrogating a Redguard woman. She called names for mistaking her for someone else and went on her way. They told me they were looking for a Redguard woman hiding out in Skyrim and that she had a scar on her face. I took a mental note and continued my journey towards Riverwood.

The walk was long and uneventful, but a smile crossed my face when I finally saw Riverwood in the distance.


It was dark, I was cranky, and I needed my sleep.I went to the Riverwood Inn and spent the night. When I awoke I heard rumors of the Riverwood Trader. Apparently, he was robbed and he really wants the stolen item back. This might be a good opportunity for me to make some cash. I also heard a rumor about his sister and a love triangle that seems to be going around. I was curious and decided to investigate both rumors.

When I walked into the Riverwood Trader I overheard Camilla and her brother Lucan arguing over the stolen object. When they noticed me they stopped and tried to act like everything was normal. I was curious so I asked them what was going on. Lucan told me that someone stole his claw and really wanted it back. I volunteered to help and Camilla volunteered to show me the way there.

While we were walking I asked Camilla about the love triangle rumor and it turns out that it’s true. There are two men town trying to win her affection. An elf named Faendal and a Nord whose name I forgot. I didn’t have time for petty gossip right now though. My main focus was finding Helgen and then reaching Bleak Falls Barrow to retrieve that stolen claw. After Camilla and I were done talking I headed off towards Helgen.

On the way there I came across an abandoned cabin outside of Riverwood. The owner was nowhere to be found and the doors were locked. I couldn’t get in. I decided to put it out of my mind for now. One the way to Helgen I came across Embershard Mine. The explorer in me couldn’t walk past it. I went up to the mine, killed the guard, and went inside.

It was dark as hell inside, but thankfully I have night vision (thanks, predator vision). Even with night vision Embershard Mine was still dark, but at least I could somewhat see what was in front me. I heard two bandits talking and decided to sneak up on them and kill them. My plan failed, of course, it did :(, and they rushed me before I could get closer to them. The end result was the same and they died from fireballs. I killed my way through the mine and found the key to Embershard Mine on one of the bandits. It opened two cell doors. The first door had a corpse of a hunter in it and the other had a key that went to the hunter cabin that I passed back in Riverwood. The dead hunter must have been the owner of the house. I guess that makes it mine now.

Ahead of me were three bandit highwaymen. I knew this fight would be tough. I lured them out with my bow, but none of them died. They rushed me. My only chance for victory was to run away while placing fire rune traps. By the time I ran out of mana the two bandits chasing me were near death. I used my ebony sword to finish them off and went the towards the final bandit archer. I killed her with a fireball, looted their corpses, and left, Embershard Mine. When I stepped outside I could see the hunter cabin and Riverwood in the distance.

The cabin is beautiful on the outside

and is the perfect place for me. I don’t need anything fancy and I really love the design of this place. It’s perfect for a sneaky spellsword like myself. This cabin is a mod called Hunters Cabin of Riverwood.

I used the key I found in Embershard Mine to unlock the door to the cabin and it was perfect on the inside for me. I dropped all of my loot that I didn’t want to sell (like those heavy ass ingots) in a chest and started off towards Helgen.

A little pass Embershard Mine I discovered three Guardian Stones. The Mage, The Thief, and The Warrior stone. I didn’t need to think about my decision this time.

The Mage Stone suits my playstyle this time around and leveling up my magical abilities a little faster sounds good to me. Helgen was finally within reach of me. I had traveled far and my journey was finally, almost, finished. I went inside the cave that you usually escape from in the beginning of the game, rescued the imperial soldier trapped inside and made my way back to Riverwood with him. I stopped off at home, gathered those ingots I stored, and went straight to blacksmith with my new companion. We told Alvar, Hadvar’s uncle, about our ordeal and he asked me to go to Whiterun and let Jarl Balgruuf know about the dragon attack. I agreed, but before I head back to Whiterun I’ll need some better gear. I went to the crafting station and made myself some new armor.

I look good, don’t I? Here’s another screenshot

And another

Yeah… I like this armor set. It wasn’t that difficult to craft and I got a bunch of smithing experience for making it too. It offers way more defense that old Scaled Armor did and I look like a badass from Assassin’s Creed too. My adventure in Riverwood is almost over. The only thing left to do is find that claw at Bleak Falls Barrow… that quest will come at another time.

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Interested in that armor set I’m wearing? It’s the Regal Huntsman Mod.

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