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The Avengers Review

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index I guess i’m one of the few people that isn’t too crazy about this movie. The Avengers has everything it needs to make a great movie so why isn’t great? It has a decent cast of characters, great action, and a decent villain so why does it fail to deliver? The Avengers stars Robert Downey Jr [Iron Man], Scarlett Johansson [Black Widow], Chris Hemsworth [Thor], Tom Hiddleston [Loki], Chris Evans [Captain America], Jeremy Renner [Hawkeye], Mark Ruffalo [Hulk], Samuel L. Jackson [Nick Fury], and finally Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Pots. Out of everyone I only really liked Iron Man, Thor, and Nick Fury. Everyone was a just average. Hawkeye was so far from character that it was a pain for me to watch this film. I love Hawkeye and I really think someone else would do a better job playing him then Jeremy Renner. Black Widow is another character that I hated in this movie. I just don’t see the relevance in her character and I honestly think the movie would have been much better without her and Hawkeye in it.

Loki is back once again to reign terror on all those around him and for the most part it works. Tom Hiddleston did a good job as Loki but I think the movie could have been much better if it had a more serious tone about it. The Avengers felt like a lame comedy instead of a blockbuster hit. Throughout the movie our fearless heroes are bickering at each other like a bunch of schoolgirls or cracking lame jokes. I think Mark Ruffalo was an ok Hulk but his performance was forgettable and I wouldn’t mind if they got someone else to play Hulk in the next movie. Chris Evans has come a long way from the Fantastic 4. He’s a decent Captain America and if he works at it he could be a great one.

This movie took way too long to get interesting. The first half of this movie was actually pretty boring. Nothing entertaining happened. I understand that our heroes are supposed to get to know each other and eventually fight each other but I really wasn’t impressed with the fight between Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. The fight between Thor and Hulk was even worse and completely one sided.

the_avengers_concept_art-wide   Robert Downey Jr as always plays an excellent Iron Man and really nails his role as the billionaire playboy. Samuel L. Jackson is also really awesome in this movie and really brought his A game with him in this role. The Avengers really got going in the last 30 minutes of the movie which is what saved this from being on my top ten worst movies of 2012. When the alien invasion actually started I finally saw the action I had been waiting for the entire movie. Everyone kicked some major ass and it was amazing. Hulk finally got a chance to smash things and I was like a kid in a candy shop. The Avengers is a tricky one for me to recommend. More then half of this movie is average but the ending to this film made watching the first hour and a half worth it and in the end I wasn’t exactly satisfied but I wasn’t as upset either. If we can get a real Hawkeye, better Black Widow, and see more of Hulk then the next Avengers movie will be Legendary if it’s done right. As it stands Avengers is a good movie but doesn’t quite live up to the massive amount of hype that it got when it first came out. The Avengers is a 6/10.

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  • Reply
    Nov 03, 2013 12:16 pm

    Just an absolute blast to watch, regardless of if you’ve seen the other movies or not. However, if you have, it just makes it all the more epic. Nice review.

    • Omar Jackson
      Nov 03, 2013 12:19 pm

      Thanks. I do like the movie I just didn’t love it like I did the solo movies of everyone in it.

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