The Banner Saga- Hard Decisions

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2014-01-14_00039I never expected to have the experience that I had while playing The Banner Saga. Some of the decisions that I made led to consequences that I never thought would happen. I was very careful with my playthrough of the game and a lot of bad things still managed to happen to me. One of my mistakes happened at the beginning of the game. A Dredge was creeping up behind my daughter and she didn’t see it coming. I had  few decisions to make. Do shout out at her to move out the way? Do I try and shoot the Dredge but risk missing and getting my daughter killed or do I fire a warning shot at it’s head to try and get it’s attention focused on me. I decided to go with option number 3 and it didn’t work.

Just when I thought I had lost my daughter the young boy [who must have been in his teens at best] pushed her out the way and 2014-01-14_00041blocked the Dredge’s heavy blow with his shield. The massive force killed him instantly. This was my first encounter with death and it left it’s mark on me for the rest of the game. Another moment that really sticks out is when my supplies got caught on fire but at the same time a mother ran up to me and told me that her son was on the other side of camp trapped in a burning house. I could save the supplies so we won’t starve to death on the road or I could rescue her son. There wasn’t time to do both but I couldn’t just let the boy die so I saved him but we lost all of our food and we had to go days without it.

Morale was low and people were angry. 50 people died from starvation before I could get us more food. Saving one life cost 50 others to die. We were on the run from Dredge in every direction. We finally made it to a town but they refused to let any refugees in. They even went as far as killing innocent women and children if they got to close to the doors. We decided that sneaking in would be the best bet so we ambushed the guards on their next food run and took their places. When we got inside the other guards knew we weren’t apart of them and attacked us. All of the villagers that rushed in with us died in the process. Men, Women, and even the kids all died from the arrows.

2014-01-14_00050Every decision I made led to a consequence of some sort and after I beat the game last night I was greeted by a sad ending. The Banner Saga is filled with depressing moments but I want to jump back in and see if I can change that. Will those moments even happen again in another playthrough? The Banner Saga isn’t triple A game and doesn’t have to be. It’s a lot of fun and I enjoyed every second of it. It has it’s flaws but I don’t regret buying it.

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  • Reply
    Jan 15, 2014 11:11 am

    Some reviews have hinted at that the game only provides the illusion of choice, it doesn’t sound like you have found that?

    If you made different decisions in that early encounter does the boy survive?

    • Omar Jackson
      Jan 15, 2014 11:30 am

      Yes the boy would have lived if I had made a different decision and didn’t hesitate. The baby would have died in the fire if I would have chosen to get the food instead as well.

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