The Bureau Xcom Declassified first impressions

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I played Xcom Declassified today for about two hours and here are my thoughts on it so far.


I’ll be honest with you… I went into this game with a very negative mindset considering how much I love Xcom Enemy Unknown but I have to admit the game isn’t that bad. I actually found myself having a decent time with the game and that surprised me.

I mean yeah this game is a complete copy from Mass Effect. When you press space bar a power wheel shows up with a list of available moves that your characters can perform. Once you select the move you want your character does it. Since i’m pretty damn good a Mass Effect I had no problem whatsoever jumping into this game and playing it on the highest difficulty.

Since difficulty has always been the main focus of Xcom games I thought I was in for one hell of a fight but it turns up the game really isn’t that hard. Keep in mind i’ve only played for two hours so I can easily say in my upcoming review that this game is hard as shit.

Xcom is plagued by a number of game breaking glitches that had me restarting whole stages just to progress through them. I would walk into a room that didn’t load all the way and just fall to my death. It happened to me about five times in twenty minutes and it’s really making it hard for me to enjoy the game the way I want to. The a.i. of your teammates is terrible and I mean terrible.

They do everything they can to fuck up your game. You tell them to take cover and they stand there like an idiot taking shots until they fall over and die causing you to have to stop what you’re doing and go over there and rescue their asses. That being said i’m having a better time than I thought I would have with this game. The third person shooting mechanics takes a little while to get used to at first but when you do it’s not that bad.

I should have my official review up in by tomorrow if not then the day after. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

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Share Your Thoughts!