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The Dark Zone In The Division Is Really Awesome

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Lunaliah and I originally went into the Dark Zone to test it out. Four hours later we were still hunting down rogue agents and collecting some really sweet loot. 

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My first DZ screenshot :].

When I first entered the Dark Zone I was nervous. I didn’t know what to expect or what to do so I chose a random direction and started exploring as carefully as I could. After getting killed from npcs that were a much higher level then me I decided to quit and come back later with some much needed back up.

After I reached level 10 I went back, but this time I was joined by Lunaliah. Together we did some pretty amazing things in the Dark Zone. I had my mic on the entire time to let others players know that we came in peace and we weren’t planning on killing them. It worked. It actually worked really well because we were only attacked two times during our four hours spent in the Dark Zone.

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Most of our time was spent exploring and trying to gather as much loot as we could. This one person in particular stood out though. We saw him struggling to defeat on of the Dark Zone bosses so we decided to jump in and help the guy out. He was only a DZ rank 5 trying to take out a rank 13 so we knew he was in over his head.

Keep in mind that I had spent about an hour by myself in the DZ before Lunaliah joined me so I had about 5 levels on her. I went ahead and aggroed the enemies with my assault rifle while Lunaliah threw some grenades over my head to help me out while keeping her distance. Once I heard her say, “what the fuck” I knew something was happening behind me so I turned around and saw the same dude we were helping shoot her in the back and kill her.

I immediately stopped what I was doing and blasted him in the face with my shotgun. I learned a valuable lesson and that’s don’t trust anyone that’s not in your group when inside the DZ, but man it was an awesome experience.

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Lunaliah and I decided to be extra careful and not rush into helping just anyone that was in danger. That didn’t stop me from killing my second rogue agent while helping out this other guy that was about to get killed from him. He thanked me over the mic and went about his business. When we were ready to extract we were joined by about 40 other players in our zone.

After everyone got finished sizing each other up we decided to call a truce and just extract our things before the npcs in the area could respawn.

The DZ is addictive and a lot of fun. I even had fun by myself, but it’s twice as much fun when you’ve got friends, or a loved one, to play with. After we finished up we went back to the PVE content and enjoyed our newly acquired loot by killing a few bosses.

I’m currently a DZ rank 10 and level 11 in The Division and I plan on growing quite a few levels tonight after I put the kids down to bed.

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