The Division Character Creator Is A Little Disappointing

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I finally caved and got The Division. I haven’t started the playing the game yet, but I did create myself a character and honestly I’m a little disappointed. 

The first thing I like to do when I start a new MMO is spend my first hour creating the perfect avatar for myself. If I’m going to spend the next 100, or few hundred, hours of my life in a new MMO my main dude has got to look fantastic.

That’s not the case in The Division. It only took me about ten minutes to create my character because of the lack of customization options in the character creator. From what I’ve seen so far The Division is a gorgeous game. It’s probably the best looking game that’s released this year right next to Tomb Raider on the PC.

Tom Clancy's The Division™2016-3-10-18-49-48
My first screenshot is a beautiful one

My character, graphically, looks fantastic, but there are no sliders for me to adjust my height, weight, muscle mass, or even shoe size in this game. Having a good, I’ll settle for decent here, character creator goes a long way. What we have is… okay I guess, but when compared to other MMO’s like Black Desert it’s a joke.

The only thing I can do is choose my hair, eye color, tattoo, beard, and face piercing. I can’t customize anything that’s lower then my face. I can’t really customize my face. Instead I have to choose a preset and go with that face while adding accessories to it. Thankfully the face I chose doesn’t look bad, but I was hoping I could try and make my look more like me because I like to roleplay in games like this.

I’m not going to give my opinion on the gameplay or story because I haven’t done anything yet. That will come in my first impression tomorrow.

What do you think of customization in The Division?

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Share Your Thoughts!