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The Division Has Become A Shooter Diablo Game

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Patch 1.4 changed the way The Division works. It completely revamped the way the game works and it’s more like Diablo than ever before. And that’s a good thing by the way. 

The Division is a loot driven game. You log on, do missions, and grind for better gear. The only problem, before patch 1.4, was that the gear that we spent hours grinding for rarely worth it. Fighting through a challenging map with a full squad of four players was rarely worth it before this patch.


It was a huge problem and I applaud Massive for admitting that it was a problem and fixing it. I tried out patch 1.4 for a few hours and I was really impressed with the progress that I had made in that short time. It reminded me of the progress I could make in Diablo III in the same amount of time. I love how I can do a quick Underground run and walk out with a bunch of new loot.

I also love that everything can be completed solo now. I don’t have to deal with randoms anymore. I prefer to play with people on my friends list so if they’re not online I’ll just play alone. I found multiple gear set items, weapons, and mods in just a few hours.

The Division is a much better game now that wasn’t afraid to change. I actually prefer the new Diabloish approach to the loot system and new world tiers. It only took me an hour to get to world tier 4 and the loot improved with every tier that I tried out.

I’m rank 223 right now. When I started I was only a rank 180. I advanced quickly and I had a lot of fun doing it. The Division’s end game is focused on it’s daily missions, underground missions, and incursions, but it does need more content right now. I don’t mind doing that stuff with the new overhaul to the game though. There are more people playing the game right now too than a few months ago.

All Ubisoft needs to do now is start releasing new content for this game. If you’re curious on what I think of The Division click here for my review.

What do you think of patch 1.4?

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Share Your Thoughts!