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The Division – New Update Thoughts and Disappointments

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The latest update for The Division is here and so far it’s pretty underwhelming. 

I’ve put over 70 hours in The Division so far. I haven’t put any hardcore hours in the game for about two and half weeks because I’m taking a much needed break from the game. I did jump back on to experience the new update and so far it just feels like more of the same, which isn’t bad by the way, but it’s not really great either.

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First of all I like the changes that were made to The Dark Zone. I love grabbing supply drops and fighting my way out in a group of friends before other players have a chance to kill me. It makes pvp that much more interesting in my opinion. I can easily spend a few hours in the DZ and walk out feeling like it was time well spent in the game.

The big disappointment is the big incursions that everyone was waiting for. They’re disappointing because they’re not really all that different then your regular daily missions. I mean the boss fights are different because you have to run around and complete certain objectives, but it’s still just an endless grind for better loot and I usually wouldn’t mind something like that because I love MMOs, but half of the gear that I found was crap when compared to stuff that I already had on me and once again I was left wondering what the point of it all was.

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The biggest disappointment about incursions is that most players don’t even want to do the mission fairly. It’s way too easy to cheat your way to victory because of Ubisoft’s inexperience at running a online only game. Players have figured out a way to cheat all the way to the boss and get the loot rewards. It literally kills the experience for me because I like going through the mission the normal way. That’s just a personal preference of mine and I don’t expect everyone to feel the same way that I do about it.

The Division is a fun game. I can still have fun with the game, but not with my main character. I’m having more fun with my second character while I power through the main story again. The end game right now is really disappointing, but I expected that because it’s still so soon after it’s official release.

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I have other games to fall back on, but if you don’t then I can understand why you’d probably be fed up with The Division. Incursions were supposed to add new challenging content for us to do, but ended up feeling flat and I doubt I’ll ever bother trying to grind out all the new gear that’s available since my current loadout is more then enough to get me through the game.

What I really want in The Division is new areas to explore and a ton of new PVE content. I know it’s on the way, but since Xbox One owners get access before everyone else it’s going to be hard to stay interested in The Division while we wait for actual new content to be released.

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