The Division Patch 1.4 Impression

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I finally had a chance to test out The Division’s latest patch and it’s brought some much needed changes to the game, but is that enough to bring everyone back to it right now? 

It feels good to take a shotgun into battle 🙂

Patch 1.4 is great so far. I’ve spent the last hour trying it out and getting adjusted to all of the changes took a little while, but I really like the changes so far. I think my favorite change is the fact that I can use more weapons except a assault rifle, and submachine gun now. A few minutes after I started killing shit I found a really awesome shotgun, and light machine gun. I went with the shotgun because I already have a great assault rifle, but I like having options now.

Shotguns, snipers, and light machine guns have all had their damage output increased while submachine guns have had a drastic decrease in damage. It feels natural mowing down enemies with my shotgun. Light machine guns feel powerful now, but are still highly inaccurate.

Another thing that I really liked is the fact that it doesn’t take two clips to down a single enemy anymore. I can kill three enemies with a single clip and I love it. It makes the game better, but not easier. I still died when I was overwhelmed by enemies because I got too greedy and tried to take them all on. On higher difficulties, and world tiers, enemies are still a challenge, but it doesn’t feel unfair anymore like it used to.


Patch 1.4 is a great change to the game, but it should have come much sooner than now. There are too many great games releasing right now for me to spend a good amount of time in The Division. I do love the changes and I still want the two expansions that are releasing for it, but right now I’m done with the game. I have a good 100 hours in the game and I’m ready to move on for now.

That’s doesn’t mean I don’t like the game because I really do. I still think it’s one of the best games to release this year, but I want to focus on Civilization VI, and Monster Hunter Generations for a little while. I am really looking forward to some more content and hopefully Ubisoft will continue to make this game better.


The big problem was Ubisoft’s inexperience at making a game like this, but I think they’re learning and that they’re trying to make The Division a great game. I plan on sticking with it once the new releases die down some.

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Share Your Thoughts!