The Division – Things That Need To Change Part 2

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I previously wrote about what I thought needed to change in The Division so people would come back and play again. I’ve thought of some more things to add and decided to share them with everyone. 

The Division is going through a bit of crisis right now. It sold really well, but it’s struggling to keep people interested in the game. It has a very low playerbase and Ubisoft is trying to fix it by addressing some long time issues that this game has had since launch by completely reworking the way the game works in one massive update.

The problem with that is something like this takes time and that means we’ll still have a game with very little content to keep us busy until new content is released. There is no release date for the upcoming expansions and this is a huge problem right now. Many people, including myself, have moved on to greener pastures, but I do plan on coming back once the new update rolls out.

This list below is what I hope will be in the game when I return.

  1. Stop Nerfing Our Guns

Tom Clancy's The Division™2016-7-5-0-3-1

I can’t tell you how tired I am of working so hard to find a good one only to have it nerfed to oblivion because some random person on the Internet cried about how “OP” it was. There are no good guns in The Division and that only made bullet sponge enemies more bullet spongy… I know every online game needs balance, but there’s a difference between balance and a unfair advantage to the opposing npcs.

2. Light Machine Guns Should Be Powerful

Light machine guns are a joke in The Division right now. A submachine gun does more damage than most heavy weapons in the game. That is ridiculous and should tell you how weak heavy weapons are in this game. A light machine should do a ton of damage and have horrible accuracy. Not have horrible accuracy and do shit for damage. There is no reason to use one at all. You can argue that sniper rifles are underpowered too. Don’t even get me started on how bad the shotguns are right now… In 100+ hours of gameplay I have yet to find a shotgun that does decent damage. Pretty much everyone has either a assault rifle/submachine gun combo or submachine/sniper rifle combo.

3. Nerf The Enemies

The upcoming update has already addressed this issue, but until it’s in the main game I’m going to list it anyway. Enemies in the regular game are too strong. Ubisoft has addressed this issue already in the PTS, but they’re also working to find a balance because many players have already said that it’s too easy now. Lets hope Ubisoft figures it out soon.

4. Add More Content

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The Division has nothing going for it right now. It started off strong, but that’s not the case right now. The Underground DLC brought a lot of people back, but it was only a temporary solution to a big problem. This game has no content and everyone knows it. Destiny has survived this long because it keeps getting new content added every year since it’s release. Ubisoft needs to start giving us regular updates, and expansions if they want The Division to survive next year.

5. Make The Dark Zone Fun Again

The dark zone was my crack when this game released. Now it’s filled with people that think it’s Call of Duty and just kill everyone or hover around extraction zones and murder people trying to get their loot out. This isn’t a rare occurrence anymore. It happens all the time and that’s the big reason why so players left the DZ.

That’s all I can think of for now, but if you have anything to add feel free to add it down below.

Share Your Thoughts!

Share Your Thoughts!