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The Division Year 2 Content Will Be Free For Everyone

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I wasn’t expecting some Division news so soon after the latest update, but we have some and it’s good news if you’re a fan of the game.Β 

Instead of asking us for another $40 for the next year of content for The Division Ubisoft decided to give it to all of us for free. I have no problem with this, but Ubisoft confirmed it wouldn’t be large scale free content. That pretty much counts out new story mode content, but Ubisoft did say that they will be adding some new PVE stuff to the game.

It’s anyone’s guess at what this free content is going to be, but you can’t really complain about getting free content to a game that really needs it. Even though The Division just got a brand new update with a new expansion it still needs more content because the last two Β DLCs has been for the pvp crowd. Not many players play The Division for it’s pvp. It’s not very good Ubisoft attempted to fix that by adding in some new pvp content flesh it out some. The problem with that is the loyal pve players hasn’t had new content in almost a year now.

I haven’t played The Division in about two months, but I do plan on going back after all of the new releases settle down some. I’m very interested in what year 2 has to offer this game because doing underground runs can only entertain me for so long before I get bored and quit.

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Share Your Thoughts!