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The Dwarves Review

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The Dwarves is based off of a book that someone thought would make a cool video game. It has potential, but lacks in many areas. Here’s my review of The Dwarves. 

The Great:

Playing As Dwarves

Dwarves are probably one of the most underappreciated races in fantasy games. They don’t get a lot of attention so when I learned about this game I really wanted to play it because it featured dwarves as the main heroes of it. The dwarves in this game are actually pretty awesome and I really enjoyed having a full party of them.

The Good:



The story in this game is a bit of mixed bag. Some times it can be really good, but it can also be pretty average too. I liked the main protagonist, but the voice acting is on the weak side. Powerful moments felt a little flat because the voice actor couldn’t deliver when it counted and it brought the experience down for me.


The core gameplay experience here is really good. I can pause the game at any time and issue commands to my party in the middle of battle, but the animations are bad. Watching my dwarf perform the same awful attack animation over, and over took some of the fun that I was away. I think this game would have benefited a lot more if it had action combat too over your average RTS style that it has.


The Dwarves is a really pretty game. The character models, environments, and particle effects look good in this game. It’s not the best looking game you can get for the price, but it’s not bad. I don’t like the way the beards look in this game. How can mess up the beards in a game based on dwarves?

The Bad:



The developers tried really hard to make everything sound “epic” in this game. The soundtrack is what you would expect in your average fantasy game and it failed to impress me. The voice acting can be good at times, but can also be really fucking bad too. It’s all over the place and the further I got into the game the more I noticed the flaws in the voice acting. The sound effects are okay, but I’ve heard better in some $10 titles.


For a game that I paid almost $40 for I want more than 8-10 hours of gameplay. The Dwarves is a really short game. I didn’t get the impression that it would be short by the trailers or even by some of the gameplay that I watched on Youtube. You can choose to prolong the game by randomly moving across the board-like world map and battling goblin hordes, but it quickly got tedious and I eventually just went on with the main story.

Lack of Exploration:


Some people might disagree with this one. If you’re going to have a world map in your game and let me travel across it I expect to have some pretty interesting things to do on the way to my main goal. I can visit multiple villages/towns, but I can’t explore them. Instead I talk to a single NPC and I can choose to shop or move on with my adventure. It’s entirely pointless and I would rather this be a linear game instead of giving us the impression that’s open because in reality it isn’t.

The Verdict:

The Dwarves would be a quality purchase for about $15, but it’s almost $40 and I can’t recommend this game to anyone. It doesn’t do anything that isn’t better in another game. It was fun to play as dwarves and I like that they’re getting so much attention this year, but this game is average at best. I really wanted to like this game, but I never felt connected to any of the characters or the world of The Dwarves.


The sad thing is I actually gave this a hit in my hit or miss series…


I didn’t have a chance to take any screenshots of this game because this game decided it didn’t want to work whenever I pressed the F12 key so I had to get all of my screenshots online and the first thing that Google decided to show me when I typed in “The Dwarves pics” was porn :). 

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