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The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Test #3

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I’ve been invited to once again beta test ESO for this week and the next beta test that they’re going to have. Honestly I don’t know why I bother with them but I guess I can see what the game is like now. I don’t think much has changed since the last test but i’ll give it a shot. I’ll have a few more details to share with you guys after this test. I’m honestly not excited about this at all and I even considered giving my beta key away to someone else. Don’t forget to click on that Follow Us button for the latest sports, games, movies, and more. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

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  • Reply
    Feb 06, 2014 11:11 am

    A friend of mine at the office got in to the beta a while ago and has pretty much the same disposition. Its too bad, too. I was looking forward to it and multiple people are claiming to be underwhelmed.

    • Omar Jackson
      Feb 06, 2014 11:17 am

      It really is underwhelming. I wanted a real Elder Scrolls game with co op or something not a mmo because I knew a lot of the features would be taken out the game and that’s exactly what happened. I’ve decided to give my key away though.

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