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The Evil Within Review

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The next game on my Halloween Scare fest I already wrote about, but decided to share with everyone again. The creator of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami, showed us that he can still make great games. The Evil Within borrows a lot from Resident Evil, but it separates itself enough to not feel like a complete rip of it.

The Evil Within’s main protagonist is Sabastian Castellanos. What’s goes from a routine call from HQ is turned into something much more sinister than he and his partners could have ever imagined.

The Evil Within is a very creepy game and that honestly surprised me. Nothing really scared me, but I love the atmosphere and enemies that I encountered throughout my 18 hour playthrough of the game.

This game isn’t open world. It borrows Resident Evil’s chapter system. At the end of each chapter you’ll have the option to either save your game or continue to the next chapter. Each chapter is vastly different. You’ll go from an insane asylum to an abandoned hospital filled with invisible enemies.

evilwithin4-the-evil-within-for-xbox-one-ps4-first-reviewThere is a very unique save and level up system in The Evil Within. There are safe zones scattered throughout the game. Each safezone will allow you to enter a mirror and go back to the asylum that you discover early on in the game. From there you can save your game at the front desk or level up by sitting in a chair that electrocutes you.

You can invest your skill points, that you find scattered throughout the world or from enemies, on various different skills. You can increase your health, stamina, gun damage, gun accuracy, and many other useful things as your progress through the game.

I really enjoyed the boss fights in this game. They really did remind me of Resident Evil though. The whole game has a undeniable Resident Evil feeling to it, but I never once thought that it was a bad thing because I love the gameplay.

There are various weapons hidden throughout The Evil Within. They’re your standard survival horror weapons. You have your pistol, shotgun, sniper, assault rifle, rocket launcher, magnum, and crossbow. Each of those weapons can be acquired in Resident Evil except the crossbow.

the-evil-within-1388596265683_1920x1080Unlike Resident Evil 6 though you really need to conserve your ammo in this game. It’s hard to come by ammo and even harder to save it for bosses because you’ll end up wasting ammo on the enemies that you’ll be forced to fight.

There are some moments that force you into fire fights with the zombies, we all know that’s what they are, but thankfully they don’t overshadow the good parts of the game.

The gameplay in The Evil Within is good, but it could use some work. The camera is way to close to Sabastian and his movements are hard to control.

It’s hard to care about the story because all of the characters in the game are so lifeless that you wouldn’t care if anyone lived or died. Detective Sabastian is the most boring one of the them all. He’s not a very interesting guy and I honestly didn’t care much for his backstory.

sdr-swr-mrb-llb-the-evil-within_bznuWhere this game shines is when you’re alone in the dark. It’s hard not to feel like something scary is about to happen because The Evil Within does such a good job at setting up the atmosphere. I wish I could say that the game is as beautiful as the atmosphere, but it isn’t. There are a ton of muddy textures in the game that make some areas down right ugly to look at.

Keep your brightness low and you won’t notice them.

The Evil Within has a lot of good ideas, but fails to execute most of them. The atmosphere is great, the soundtrack is great, but the  story, and lack of interesting characters really bring this game down. The gameplay is good, but at the end of the day it’s just a clone of Resident Evil and honestly I prefer Resident Evil. I can’t give this game too many points for originally because of this.

The Evil Within won’t revitalize the horror genre, but it has it’s moments and it makes me hope that we’ll see a sequel one day that can actually tell a good story and give us some memorable characters like the Resident Evil games did.

The Verdict: 7/10

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