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The Game News Bar – Epic vs Apple, Amazon Cancels Crucible, Cyberpunk Crunch, and More!

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Welcome back to The Game News Bar. Have a seat, grab a beer, and get ready for a rundown of all of the latest game news that I’ve collected for this edition of The Game News Bar!

Cyberpunk 2077 Crunch:

Let’s start with the meaty story. Jason Schreier (the man to go to if you want to complain about your job) recently released a piece on crunch (big surprise there) and how unfavorable the working conditions are in CD Projekt Red. Game Informer’s Liana Ruppert dug deeper into the story and talked on a podcast on the exact same topic. Her story is on the other side of this. According to her, the overwhelming majority of developers that work for CD Project Red did not want to delay Cyberpunk again and chose to work ONE extra day for a few weeks until the project was completed. I’m sure all of their employees are crying themselves to sleep at night with that fat 50k bonus they received. This is a non-story that comes as no surprise considering who wrote it.

Epic Game Loses To Apple Again:

Epic really should give up at this point. They might have won in the eyes of the public (not my eyes), but that doesn’t translate into winning in court. I’ve been to court more times than I care to admit and that’s just not how it works. Epic willingly breached the contract they were on by trying to maximize profits. No judge in their right mind will say otherwise. The good news, for Epic, is that Unreal Engine is allowed on the App Store so they can release other games on the platform. Just not Fortnite.

Amazon Ends Development of Crucible:

Do you remember a free to play game called Crucible? I don’t either, but it’s apparently been canceled by Amazon. If I knew about this game before I erased it from my memory. It was a free to play multiplayer shooter. It honestly sounded very boring and it would seem that everyone that played it agrees with that statement. Hopefully, Amazon’s next big project, New World, will fare better.

Genshin Impact Is Getting 2 New Updates This Year:

Genshin Impact is getting two updates this year. One of the two is the meaty expansion that we’re all waiting on. Genshin Impact is already a huge game with tons to do and explore and the game will get bigger on December 23rd of this year. The region of Dragonspine Mountains. How big that new region will be is unknown for now.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Crown Tundra Releases On October 22nd:

The latest expansion for Pokemon Sword & Shield is almost upon us. The controversial Pokemon games launched last year and have seen a steady flow of content take the place of a third game in the series. The Crown Tundra looks like it’s going to have a lot of new content and, hopefully, it won’t be the last expansion in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

And that wraps up this edition of The Game News Bar.

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Share Your Thoughts!