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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing The Final Cut Review

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I know this is incredibly overdue, but I put this game on the shelf to focus on Fallout 4, and a few others titles since this game is filled with enough bugs to make The Witcher 3, and Fallout 4 seem great in comparison. 

Neocore Games pushed this game back twice to make it “a better experience” for us, but it’s still as buggy as previous Van Helsing games.

The Great:


Van Helsing has always had really great gameplay. It’s the best part of the game by far. If you love games like Diablo, or Path of Exile you’ll love the way this game plays. Neocore has refined the game, but made it easier then previous titles in my opinion. I had no problems steamrolling through this with my bounty hunter.


Everything sounds really great and that comes as no surprise because all of the Van Helsing games have amazing soundtracks, dialog, and voice acting. Van Helsing sounds great, Lady Katarina sounds great, and the supporting cast all sound great. Some of the best tunes I’ve heard this year has come from Van Helsing.



Van Helsing has always looked really good when compared to other games in it’s genre. Final Cut is no different. When everything is maxed out this game looks incredible. The environments are rich with detail, and the character models look good. They’re not great, but for this genre they look really good when compared to Path of Exile, and Torchlight.

The Good:


I’ll be honest here. I preferred the three original character classes over the six that we have here. The original Van Helsing class is gone. You can no longer be a hunter in this game. He’s been split into three different classes and I still don’t understand the decision behind it. The other two classes have also been split into multiple classes to make it seem like we have bigger, deeper classes to choose from when in reality we don’t. What we have is more character classes to choose from with half of what made the the original characters so great in the first two games.

All of the classes aren’t bad though. I have two videos on here that proves that I had fun with my character class, but that didn’t stop me from criticizing the game regularly because I wanted my old hunter back instead of the walking tin can I was playing with.


If I would have never played Van Helsing III the story would have been in the great section, but Neocore dropped the ball towards the end of the game. The whole final chapter in this series is just bad. There’s no other way to describe it. Van Helsing I, and II were really good games while part III is forgettable and since this game merges all of them together I was forced to experience part III all over again. There’s also a lot of pacing issues with this game. Some cutscenes were removed and instead me seeing the beginning scene of Van Helsing II it just starts me off where part I ended. It was confusing because I thought I would get a cutscene.

The Bad:

Skill Tree:

I think the most important thing in a dungeon crawler is the skill tree. They can make or break the game and they don’t do either of those things in this game. The skill tree here is just… meh at best. I skipped the majority of the skill tree with just about every character I played as. The skill tree here just didn’t appeal to me because it was broken up between six characters. Skills that the original three classes had were split up between six characters. I don’t care what excuse the devs have for this it’s unacceptable. The new skill tree is a big disappointment. I’m limited in the ways I want to customize my character because half of the skills on my skill tree is completely useless.

It’s Not Better Than Previous Installments:


Van Helsing I, and II are the best games in this four game series. It’s only gone downhill from part II and it’s a shame. I understand wanting to change your game, but changing them this much is confusing to me. Don’t fix what’s not broken because you risk breaking it and that’s what happened here. If you want to play a great game play Van Helsing II. It’s the best game in the series by far. I like the changes that are in this game, but I don’t like most of the new character classes that were introduced in part III and I really don’t like the new skill trees.

It Has A Ton Of Bugs:

The bug that made me quit playing this game made it impossible for me to progress on a quest. I had a level 30 something bounty hunter and I was stuck in the beginning of Van Helsing II. I refused to start a new character and I never got a fix from the devs. They actually just ignored my post on Steam. No one gave me answer so I quit and moved on to another game. When this game is firing on all cylinders it’s pretty good. It’s not a terrible game and I do like it more than Van Helsing III, but that’s not saying much because that game is all kinds of terrible.

I don’t understand how you can push a game back twice and not fix the exact same bugs that were present in your first three games.


The gameplay in this game is great, but the animations are just bad. They feel cheap and if you can ignore that, it’s hard trust me, then you’ll have some fun. Don’t go in expecting Diablo kinds of quality because this studio doesn’t have Blizzard’s wallet size.

Replay Value:

Love that background…

At one point I considered Van Helsing one of my favorite games to keep coming back to. That changed after part III and it’s no different in the Final Cut. Once all of the bugs are fixed I know that might change, but right now it has no replay value for me at all. I couldn’t even give away my extra key because no one wanted it.

The Verdict:

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Final Cut isn’t a terrible game. It’s actually pretty good if you can ignore the bugs, and the fact that it was ten times better a few years ago. If you’ve never played this series then you’ll probably really love this game. I’ve been playing it since the beginning and it’s changed a lot since then and not for the better. Once the bugs are fixed I’m sure that I’ll enjoy it a lot more, but I doubt the skill tree will ever change and I know I’ll never be able to use my level 60 hunter ever again and that still bothers me because I worked hard on that character.


For $44 this game is not worth it. Go buy Diablo III it’s $4 dollars cheaper and it’s the better game.

Final Cut is an inprovement over Van Helsing III, but it’s literally filled with bugs and I can’t recommend this game in this condition. It was fun, but I still prefer the first two games in the series and I recommend you go check those two out instead of buying this one right now.

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