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The New Blade & Soul Servers Are Already Packed With Players

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The new server, Gunma, that I’m currently playing on already has a queue. Blade and Soul hasn’t been out for a month yet and it’s already got a huge amount of people playing it. 

The demand for Blade and Soul is at a all time high. I never expected so many people to play the game because of how long it took for it to release in the west. The new servers that just released two days ago are already filled with players.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we got some more new servers in the near future so more people can enjoy the game without waiting for hours to get in it. I don’t expect this high population to last very long. It’s like this with every new MMO that releases. Once the hype dies down I’m sure everyone that loves the game will be able to play with no problems.


It’s still impressive that the new servers are already filled up though. From what I’ve seen there are a lot of bots in game. The first thing I do when I log on is block the bots in the chat so I can see what the real players are saying. I recommend everyone else do the same if you plan on jumping in Blade and Soul any time soon.

Blade and Soul is an awesome MMO so far. I’m only level 9 with my destroyer, but I’m having a blast and I’ve already won a bunch of pvp matches against other players. I think I’ll be on this game for quite awhile before I get tired of it. That’ s if I can ever get in the game without waiting 30-60 minutes to get in.

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Share Your Thoughts!