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The Next Doom Doesn’t Need To Prove A Thing

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Since Doom was shown off at E3 I’ve read countless articles on how Doom needs to prove itself to this new generation of shooters. I’ve heard that it needs to be more like Call of Duty and I have to ask… why?

Doom is considered by a lot of people to be the father of first person shooters. It was king of the 90’s and we haven’t played another Doom game since Doom 3. I thought Doom looked really good when I sat down and watched some gameplay of it a few days ago. It’s fast paced and goes back to the golden era of first person shooters before they all became clones of each other.

I think games like Doom, and Wolfenstein are needed to keep the FPS genre fresh. Wolfenstein successfully mixed old school with today with its’ fast paced gameplay and excellent story telling. So far we don’t know if Doom is going the same route that Wolfenstein went, but what we do know is it’s going to be action packed and filled with gore for us to drool over.

The only thing Doom needs to be is fun, but I would be lying if I said it shouldn’t have some type of modern feel to it. Wolfenstein is the perfect example here. I really liked what I saw with Doom and it’s way too early for me to say whether or not it’s going to recapture it’s FPS throne, but I’m looking forward to it and I can’t wait to play it next year. Fallout 4 will have to keep busy until then.

What do you think of Doom? Are you looking forward to it? Did it look to simple?

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Share Your Thoughts!