The PC Gaming Show Was Horrible

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I’m a PC gamer, but I never bothered to watch the PC Gaming Show and I really regret that I watched it this year. 

PC gaming is beautiful and is the best way to play games in my opinion. I’m no longer a console gamer because I can’t go back to having a subpar experience in gaming. That’s just how I look at it now and I doubt that’ll ever change.

That being said I expected the PC Gaming Show to be good and it wasn’t. It was actually pretty bad for multiple reasons. Half of the games that we saw were complete trash by Indie developers. I’m not saying Indie games are bad because I own multiple of them and love them, but the ones that I saw yesterday was. I don’t remember everything I saw and I didn’t bother taking notes because I was so bored, but I’ll give a brief list of games and what I think of them.

The Good:


Vampyr is some sort of vampire game. I think it’s a RPG, but that’s just a wild guess. I’m pretty excited about this because I haven’t played a game with a vampire protagonist since the old Legacy of Kain/Blood Omen games. The person playing the game sucked really bad, but I’m going to keep a open mind about this.

The Bad

Killing Floor 2

Way too much time was spent on Killing Floor 2. It felt like forever as they showed the stupid new features coming to Killing Floor 2. At least we finally got a release date, but does anyone really care? I know the crowd didn’t.

Killing Floor VR Game!

And the VR bullshit continues and it looked lame as hell and once again… no one cared.

Superhot VR Game!

And no one gave a shit.


A RTS/Moba hybrid. Another Moba… no thanks.


Another FPS game… we totally don’t have enough of those.

The Turning Test

Can someone please tell me what’s so exciting about putting a ball in a socket? This looks like a cheap/beautiful version of Portal.


Way too much time was spent on AMD advertising their new crappy GPUs. That time could have been spent showing off good games.

Dual Universe

A No Man’s Sky clone.. Must I say more?

Days of Infamy

Another MP FPS game…

Serious Sam VR!

More VR bullshit! Yay!


Another FPS game that wants to be like Battleborn/Overwatch…

Giant Cop

A VR game that lets you throw people around on a beach and do stupid shit. It looked stupid and played stupid and was a complete waste of time. I’m not buying a $900 headset to play this shit.


Deus Ex Mankind Divided

All I saw from Deus Ex is exactly what I’ve already experienced in Human Revolution. It didn’t really impress me and the animations were pretty dull in my opinion. I hope this will be game that’ll make me a Deus Ex fan, but I doubt it.

The Surge

A Sci Fi Dark Souls game. If gameplay was shown I would have probably placed this in the good section, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


I was complaining about the lack of horror games and then this popped up. I’m interested, but if it’s just another (insert indie horror game here) I’m out. I don’t want to run and hide in closets from “scary monsters” I want to blow their heads off and get scared shitless at the same time. Like the F.E.A.R. games or classic Resident Evil games.

So I only have one game that I know I’ll most likely buy on this list of games that’s Vampyr. Everything else, except the three games above, looked like complete shit and I want nothing to do with them. They really need to improve the PC Gaming Show because it’s long, boring, and really stupid.

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Share Your Thoughts!