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The Reader’s Corner – Batman Last Knight on Earth

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I recently sat down and wrote about Marvel’s Punisher by Greg Rucka. Today, I’m bringing you, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman Last Knight on Earth.

I really enjoyed Batman Last Knight on Earth, but that doesn’t come as a surprise to me because I love Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s work on Batman. They had arguably the best version of the Batman we’ve ever had and I’m glad they’re teaming up on one last time to bring us another Batman epic. Now, this story isn’t without its issues and I do have more questions than answers but I really like the plot and it’s Batman. What more needs to be said than that?

Last Knight on Earth is an apocalyptic Batman story and it’s a damn interesting one too. Batman is killed (it’s at the very beginning so it’s not really a spoiler) and wakes up in Arkham Asylum. They say he’s been there for the last 20 years and that he was never Batman. That’s all I’m going to tell you. I read this book in two sittings and really enjoyed it until a certain point. A new big bad evil apparently killed everyone and everything on Earth. It’s a literal post-apocalyptic Batman story, but it does feature Wonder Woman so I’m guessing we’ll eventually learn what happened to the rest of the Justice League in the next issue. 

Batman isn’t alone in this fight against his new mysterious foe. There have been subtle hints on the identity of this new villain and I love the back and forth dialogue between Batman and his new partner… The Joker. Yes, Batman has teamed up with The Joker. Well… sort of. Scott Snyder has me curious. I want to see how this new story unfolds. I want to read more about what happened to the world and find out who this new villain is that wiped out the entire Justice League and all of the world’s villains. I want to read more of the Joker’s poems that he tells Batman while they’re traveling together and I want to know if Wonder Woman is going to go through with her crazy decision. 

I had a good time reading this and that’s why I read comics. I’m used to reading great Batman stories and that’s what we’ve got here. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are back together and they’re making magic happen again.  

The Verdict

I'm not surprised that I enjoyed this book. I always enjoy Scott Snyder and I freaking love Greg Capullo's work. When these two work together magic happens and that's exactly what this is, magic.

Final Score:

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