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The Readers Corner – The Death of Wolverine 1-4

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I recently introduced my kids to comic books and the first one they wanted me to read to them for bedtime was The Death of Wolverine and it made me remember how disappointed I was with this entire series because Wolverine deserved better than that.

One of my biggest problems with Charles Soule’s Death of Wolverine is the fact that it’s way too short. To handle something as big as the Wolverine dying I think it should’ve been longer than what it was. It felt really rushed to me and when I was reading this to my kids (re-reading to myself) I realized how short these comics are. Maybe that’s a good thing because of how much of a shit ending it had? Let me start from the beginning before I get too carried away.

As the title suggests, I am indeed talking about the actual death of Wolverine and I’m sure I’m not the only person that scratched their heads in confusion or even got upset at the way they decided to kill Logan. He should’ve gone out in the blaze of glory fighting to the bitter end. Instead, he got killed by his inability to leap sideways to avoid the adamantium coming towards him after he, stupidly, cut open the vats of adamantium that eventually led to his death.

The artwork here is absolutely beautiful and I love the cover art of each comic. The written dialogue is good too, but I feel like no one really had a chance to breathe in these comics. What happened to Reed trying to find a way to get Wolverine’s healing factor back? There are so many unanswered questions that I honestly don’t care to have an answer for because the ending ruined the entire series for me. My kids are enjoying it because it’s something new and it has nice pictures. They haven’t experienced what really great comics are yet and I’m sure when they’re older and they get around to re-reading this book they’ll come to me and say, ” I can’t believe I like that shit, dad.”

Calling it shit is a bit much. It’s not shit. As I mentioned above, the writing is solid all around and the artwork is absolutely fantastic. Logan is his usual grumpy self and there are plenty of cameos of other recognizable characters. The problem is that no one had any room to breathe and were literally in one scene and gone for the rest of the series.

The Verdict

The Death of Wolverine didn't get the respect it deserved. Logan deserved more than what Marvel gave us and re-reading it only made me realize how much I dislike this series and the incredibly short length made for a very forgettable experience to one of the most badass superheroes of all time. Wolverine deserved better.


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