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The Readers Corner – The Punisher Vol. 1 by Greg Rucka

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I’ve been catching up on some of my Marvel reading lately. I’m taking a small break from DC Comics and focusing on the inferior Marvel Comics. Thankfully, I’ve found a really good one to talk about today! 

My favorite Marvel Heroes go in this order


The Punisher



Spider-man (or Cyclops) 

I love The Punisher and I haven’t read any of his comics in years. I’ve watched every movie adaptation and the awesome (now canceled) Netflix TV series. I’m really loving this adaptation of The Punisher. Greg Rucka’s Punisher is absolutely incredible so far. What I love most about this is how silent Frank is. He does not speak and when he does he never says a lot. It took two issues for him to say anything. And the slow buildup to his first appearance in this run was incredible. He didn’t show up for 17 pages. I mean he did kill a bunch of people and I knew it was him doing it, but we didn’t see the Punisher until page 17 and it was an awesome moment. This volume is well written and tells a really good story without much dialogue. There are back to back pages with no dialogue, but when there is spoken dialogue it’s really good. 

The pencils are fantastic. It’s drawn really well and I love the way everyone looks. I haven’t read a Marvel comic in years and that’s mostly because I don’t like the heavy SJW influences in them today. This has none of that, but this comic isn’t really new. The highlight, for me anyway, is the story. Greg Rucka knows how to tell a good story. I LOVE his version of The Punisher. As I mentioned above, Frank rarely speaks. He lets his actions speak for themselves and when he does say something it’s never out of context or overly explained. Frank is on a mission to eradicate ever criminal in the city and he does so in brutal efficiency. I think my favorite scene was when he battled Vulture. I legit thought that vulture ripped Frank’s eye out, but he powered through the pain, fell from incredibly high up, and broke several, if not all, of the bones in his body. He should have died, but he didn’t. Frank is one tough sonofabitch.

Saying that I love this book would be an understatement. It’s been a long time since I’ve read anything on the Punisher. Watching the Netflix show made me realize how much I love this character and I couldn’t have started back with a better choice. If you’ve never read any of Greg Rucka’s work I recommend starting with The Punisher.

The Verdict

Greg Rucka's Punisher is currently my favorite version of The Punisher. I haven't read all of The Punisher books out there and I still have to catch up on some highly recommended stories out there, but from what I've read so far he's by far my favorite Punisher writer. He told an excellent story that was backed by some fantastic artwork and I was engrossed in his work from the moment I started until I put it down many hours later. I can literally read these stories all day long and I wouldn't mind going back to them one day.

Final Score:

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