The Reason I Think Pokemon Uranium Was Pulled

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I’ve done some digging into Pokemon Uranium this past week and I’ve come with a pretty good reason on why Nintendo decided to shut down Pokemon Uranium. 

Pokemon Uranium is the newest fan made Pokemon game to be released on PC. It has decent fake Pokemon and average writing, but I still enjoyed my time spent with the game and I’m still playing it right now.

With so many other fan made Pokemon games out already why would Nintendo decide to pull the plug on this one instead of on all of them? The reason why I think the game was pulled is because Nintendo found out that the developers were trying to earn a profit for Pokemon Uranium.

It’s the only answer that makes sense. Games like Pokemon Reborn, Zeta, and Insurgence are really popular fan made Pokemon games, and they’ve been around for years, but none of them, to my knowledge, have a Patreon that ask people to donate money towards maintaining their game.

A game as popular as Uranium will get a lot of attention. I think Nintendo found out about the Patreon and assumed that these guys were making some money from the game itself even though that’s not entirely true.

The devs did the right thing and pulled the game from their official website, but Nintendo could go further and actually sue them because you’re not supposed to make money off of a copyrighted product without the creators consent. That’s the law and whether or not it’s the popular thing to say JV, and Twitch broke the law by doing this. They both knew what could happen, but went ahead and started a Patreon anyway.

Even though both of these developers had good intentions by releasing Pokemon Uranium you can’t deny the fact that tried to get money from their Patreon for it and that’s why it’s been pulled. I support Nintendo’s decision because no one, but them should be allowed to profit from Pokemon. It’s their creation and it’s their biggest IP. If Nintendo had let this slide there would be more people trying to profit from their own Pokemon games.

That’s just my take on the situation and you’re welcome to disagree with me on it. If you have played Pokemon Uranium what did you think of it? Do you think it’s the best Pokemon game ever or is it just holding you over until we get the next real Pokemon game?

I don’t expect this to be a very popular opinion, but that’s never stopped me from giving it.

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Share Your Thoughts!