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The Steam Store Got A Nice Makeover

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I logged on to Steam to browse the new releases and was surprised to see the new Steam Store. 

Steam has had the same store layout for years. I don’t know if it’s always been the same way because I’ve only been using it for a few years, but since I’ve been into PC gaming it’s always been the same. It was overhauled today and I love the new changes so far.

Here are some screenshots

desktop-11-07-2016-17-04-20-01 desktop-11-07-2016-17-04-29-02 desktop-11-07-2016-17-04-31-03 desktop-11-07-2016-17-04-36-04 desktop-11-07-2016-17-06-05-05 desktop-11-07-2016-17-06-19-06 desktop-11-07-2016-17-06-52-07

The new overhaul is more likely to show you games that you’ve shown a interest in or is similar to games that you’ve already played. It also doesn’t show you games that you’ve already purchased.

I like this feature because I’ll be able to see more games in genres that I love over seeing one of the many Day Z clones that usually show up on front page.

If you haven’t logged onto Steam yet you might want to just so you can see the new changes.

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Share Your Thoughts!