The Surge Looks Like A Industrial Dark Souls Game

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I recently watched some gameplay of The Surge and it was pretty impressive. 

The Surge looks like a industrial Dark Souls game. It has fast paced combat, cool looking enemies, and a really awesome level design so far. The only boss that we saw wasn’t all that impressive, but I expect that’s because it’s probably one of the first bosses you encounter in the game.

The Surge already looks better than Lords of The Fallen because it’s different. It’s not a complete rip of Dark Souls. I really liked Lords of The Fallen by the way and I gave it a positive review a while back.

The Surge interest me, but it’s not a day one buy for me yet. What I saw was impressive for sure, but I didn’t see enough of the game. All I saw was a impressive industrial stage littered with a few basic enemies. One thing that really impressed me was the robotic enemies. I loved them and I really loved that the boss I saw was shooting rockets at the main character.

One thing that I think is going to be a big negative, with female gamers, is the lack of a female protagonist. The main character in The Surge is male and he has a name, that I can’t remember at the moment so please forgive me, but from what I saw there is no female protagonist in The Surge at all. It doesn’t bother me personally because 90% of the time I play as a male character in my games, but I know it’ll bother some female gamers out there.

Aside from the combat we didn’t see anything else in The Surge and that’s a problem for me. The developer kept talking about the crafting system in the game, but we never saw it. Why bring it up at all if you’re not going to let us see it in acting. I like that the only way to get new loot is by hacking your enemies limbs off and crafting them into a weapon, but I would have loved to see it in action.

I like how quick everything seems to be in this game, but once again I can’t really comment on it because we saw so little of the game. All we saw was a few enemies getting killed and a boss fight that ended about a minute later.

Nothing really blew me away and that’s probably because of how short the presentation was. Right now I’m going to keep an eye on The Surge, but it’s not a buy for me yet. I’m expecting this to change as it gets closer to the release day because we should have more information about the game, it’s story, and whether or not there’s going to be a female protagonist.

What did you think of The Surge. I’ve attached the video I watched if you’re curious about it.

On a side note I feel really dirty for sharing a IGN video since I despise that website.

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Share Your Thoughts!