The Witcher 2 Pictures

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I spent most of last night playing The Witcher 2. The graphics are absolutely stunning even though this game came out more then 2 years ago. Afer lightly modding the game I decided to jump back in the game make some different choices this time around. Here are some pictures of my journey.


2014-01-19_00083 2014-01-19_00082 2014-01-19_00071 2014-01-19_00067 2014-01-19_00043 2014-01-19_00037 2014-01-19_00021 2014-01-18_00001 2013-11-10_00032 2013-11-10_00028 2013-11-10_00023 2013-11-10_00008


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Share Your Thoughts!

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