Van Helsing Xbox One

The Xbox One Version Of Van Helsing Doesn’t Have Local Co Op

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When I first learned that Van Helsing was headed to the Xbox One I had one hope… that it would have local co op so I could play this game with my wife. Well that didn’t happen. 

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 1 is already a ripoff on the Xbox One because it doesn’t come with the DLC even though the game has been out for a few years now. I understand the PC version of this game not having local co op, but why doesn’t the Xbox One version of the game support it?

It would make the game ten times better if I could play it with my wife, but I can’t. There is no reason for me to invest any time in this game because I already have the entire trilogy and the Final Cut on PC. This game had a chance to compete with Diablo III on consoles in that department because lets face it. We need more content in Diablo III and that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon.

I love playing Diablo with Lunaliah and we were really looking forward to this game with hopes that it would at least have local co op because we’re not buying another Xbox One just to play this game.

If you’re thinking about downloading this game with hopes that you could play with a loved one or friend don’t bother because you’ll be disappointed.

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Share Your Thoughts!