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Top 10 Best Games on The Switch Right Now

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The Switch is doing better than anyone ever thought it would and it has some pretty great games on it too.  Here are my top 10 games on the Switch right now!


This list only includes games that I’ve personally played on the Switch. 

10. Cat Quest

Cat Quest is an adorable RPG about cats. This game takes place in a cat kingdom and has its own pawsome language too. The gameplay is very simplistic, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the hell out of this game. If you’re a cat lover get this game!

9. Super Mario Odyssey

The first 3D Mario game since Sunshine is (mostly) a good game to invest in if you own a Switch. It’s not the best platformer and it lacks content, but it’s great for a single playthrough. I love this game and my kids do too even though it doesn’t really have multiplayer like previous Mario games. That’s probably my biggest complaint for this game.

8. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley on the Switch is my second favorite version of Stardew Valley. It’s a great game and if you love Harvest Moon you’ll most likely love Stardew Valley too. It has romance, combat, fishing, mining, and raising farm animals and all the other great things that’s usually found in Harvest Moon games. It’s a quality title to own on the Switch and I can’t get enough of it.

7. Rayman Legends

If you’re looking for a game to play with your family look no further. Rayman Legends is a fantastic game that has 4 player local co op. It’s wacky over the top gameplay is fantastic, the level design is fantastic, and the characters are too. The only negative I can think of is the price tag. This game has been out for years and it’s still $40. If you can catch it on sale I highly recommend buying it.

6. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

You’ll either love this game or hate it. I know people on both sides. I really like this game. It’s the best RPG you can buy on the Switch right now. It’s a long, meaty JRPG that can easily keep you busy for well over 100 hours. It takes awhile to get into, but once this game is firing on all cylinders it’s fantastic. It’s much better than Lost Sphear anyway…

5. Pokken Tournament DX

I love fighting games and the Switch is really lacking in that department. The best fighting game on the Switch is Pokken Tournament and no other game comes close to it. This version of Pokken Tournament is actually being supported. Blastoise and Aegislash are making their way to the already impressive roster of Pokemon. The gameplay is very fluid and performs like a dream on the Switch in both handheld and TV modes.

4. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 is the best Mario Kart game ever made. The Switch version is even better than the Wii U version because it actually has a real battle mode. All of the DLC is included in this version too and that alone makes it worth the asking price. My family and I can play this game all day long. There’s never a dull moment when Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is in my Switch.

3. Deemo

Deemo is one of a few music games that are on the Switch right now. Deemo can’t be played in TV mode. The entire game has to be played in handheld mode and it only has touch controls. If that’s not your thing then you obviously won’t enjoy this game. Deemo has some fantastic songs, great gameplay, and a great story too. It’s an all in one package and is easily the best music game I’ve played in a really long time. The best part is the only requirement is that you have fingers. You don’t need to buy any stupid accessories to enjoy this game.

2. Fire Emblem Warriors 

The first Fire Emblem game on the Switch plays like a Dynasty Warriors game. This game is a dream come true for me. I’ve always wanted to play an action oriented Fire Emblem game and that’s exactly what I got here. The roster is impressive (even if most of them are sword users) and the gameplay is fantastic. It’s the best gameplay of any of the Warrior games and it has me super excited to see where the game will go from here.

1. Disgaea 5

My favorite game on the Switch is still Disgaea 5. I love SRPGs and this is currently the only one on the Switch. I love the ridiculous story, characters, and gameplay. I can do some pretty crazy shit in this game and I think the Red Magnus has become one of my all time favorite video game characters. Disgaea 5 is SUPER approved by me and you should buy it.

That’s my list of the top 10 best Switch games right now. This list will change a lot as the Switch continues to age and get more games, but right now these 10 games are my favorites. What are you favorite games on the Nintendo Switch?

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    Feb 01, 2018 5:01 pm

    I’ve not played most of these. I’d like to give Deemo a go as rhythm games are sort of my thing!

    • Omar Jackson
      Feb 02, 2018 12:21 am

      If you like rhythm games you’ll love Deemo dude. It’s so good. I highly recommend playing it with a good pair of headphones.

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