Pokemon Top Ten List 4

Top 10 Most Terrifying Pokemon

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Most people consider Pokemon a game for children. The Pokemon on this list might make you reconsider that…

10. Bewear 


The picture above is exactly what I would be doing if Bewear ever existed in real life. I would run like hell because this Pokemon would hug me to death. In the Pokedex it says that Bewear has hugged it’s trainers so hard that it snapped their spinal cord… I’ll let that sink in while you scroll down to number 9.

Bewear is a creepy ass Pokemon to me. I’ve never trained one because they creep me the fuck out.

9. Hypno 


Hypno has always freaked me out. It looks really creepy to me and it’s Pokedex entry didn’t help me change my mind about it. I wonder what happened to that kid Hypno kidnapped…

8. Drifloon


Ballons are great. Kids love them and are instantly drawn to them. Imagine a balloon that lets your kids grab it and then carries them off to parts unknown. That’s what Drifloon does. This Pokemon is evil.

7. Banette 


Banette is a Pokemon that could have been ripped straight from a horror film. If a child throws it’s doll away it could become a Banette. Banette’s goal in life, erm… afterlife, is to find that child and get it’s vengeance. What if the kid accidentally lost their favorite doll? Either way this Pokemon is fucking creepy and I wouldn’t want to be around when it shows it’s face.

6. Gourgiest


Gourgiest is one evil Pokemon. It likes to wander around town streets at night singing. Whoever hears it’s song is cursed. Another Pokedex entry is a lot more terrifying than that.

Gourgeist wraps it’s prey in it’s hairlike arms and sings joyfully while observing the suffering of it’s prey. This thing is so freaking cute, but I would not want to be anywhere near one. Jigglypuff ain’t got shit on Gourgeist.

5. Parasect


Paras’s entire existence must be a nightmare for the little guy because it has a fungus growing on top of it and there’s literally nothing it can do about it. When Paras evolves into Parasect it pretty much dies and if that’s not terrifying I don’t know what is.

4. Chandelure


The entire evolution line of this Pokemon is fucked up. They like to eat human/Pokemon souls. Our souls are the blue embers that burn so brightly on this Pokemon. If you see a bright light shining in the distance don’t go to it. It might be a Chandelure.

3. Yamask


Every Yamask used to be a person at some point. The mask they carry around is a reminder of their previous life. Could you imagine living like that? If someone finds a Yamask mask and wears it they’ll be possessed forever by a Yamask. It’s design has always made me uneasy too.

2. Gengar


The Gengar evolution line is another extremely creepy Pokemon chain. If Hunter licks a person they’ll shake uncontrollably until they die. What?! Are you serious? Gengar is even worse. It likes to toy with it’s prey before it kills them. A pokedex entry stated that Gengar will wait and bide it’s time before it eventually kills you…

  1. Mr. Mime


Mr. Mime is fucking creepy. It looks like a deformed human with clown makeup and everyone that knows me in real life knows how terrified I am of clowns. Could you imagine a Mr. Mime staring at you from outside your window while you sleep? My mind starts thinking of the scariest shit that could possibly happen to me whenever I look at Mr. Mime.

This wraps up my list of my top 10 most terrifying Pokemon. I feel like I should give Cacturne a honorable mention here. Cacturne are known to stalk travelers walking around in the desert until they run out of energy. It’s a really creepy Pokedex entry in my opinion. I can imagine some horror movie shit happening while Cacturne stalk their prey at night.

I hope you guys had fun reading this. I had fun coming up with it and I’ve got some neat ideas about future Pokemon list that I would love to write.

What are your most terrifying Pokemon?

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  • Reply
    Dec 01, 2016 5:01 am

    I can still remember the chilling chant and dance of Drowzee in that Orange Islands episode where he hypnotizes those Pokemon for butch and the other one.

    • Reply
      Dec 01, 2016 8:11 am

      Drowzee is a creepy Pokemon. I remember the episodes with Paras. I feel sorry for the little thing when it finally evolves 🙁

  • Reply
    Mr. Panda
    Dec 12, 2016 4:14 pm

    It’s good to see that these creepy Pokedex entries are back in full force in Sun and Moon. I like Mimikyu, even though it’s not as much terrifying as it is adorable. The fact that if you look under its disguise and witness its true form, you will get cursed, is pretty terrifying. Great list!

    • Reply
      Dec 12, 2016 5:48 pm

      Mimikyu is another creepy Pokemon. I plan on doing another top 10 creepy Pokemon list and that Pokemon is definitely making the list :).

      Shedinja is another creepy Pokemon. If you stare at the hole in it’s back it’ll steal your soul :).

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