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Top 10 Multiplayer Games of 2016

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My wife and I have played a bunch of multiplayer games this year and we decided to share our top 10 multiplayer games with everyone. 

10. Monster Hunter Generations 


What little time I’ve spent in the multiplayer portion of Monster Hunter Generations was great. I got a chance to hunt down some big ass monster, and watch my op friends beat the living shit out of it. I love how I have to manage my stamina in battle by eating a full meal and I love crafting myself new pieces of armor out of the monsters that I slay. Monster Hunter Generations is the best multiplayer game I’ve played on my 3DS this year.

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9. Paragon


I hate Mobas. I never saw the appeal of them and I usually stay away from them. Paragon is one of two Mobas that I don’t mind playing. The other is Smite. Paragon’s gameplay is phenomenal. I don’t get bored while playing it like I do with League of Legends and Dota 2. I had so much fun playing this game I invited my wife to play with me and she ended up loving it too. The only negative that we could think of while coming up with this list is the long match times. A short match in Paragon is about 30 minutes long. Our usual length of a match is about 50 minutes.

Click here for my first impression.

8. Grim Dawn


Grim Dawn is a great game that was heavily influenced by Diablo II. I love collecting loot, killing bosses, and customizing my character with badass armor sets. This game did all of that and more. Did I mention that this game has mod support? Mods add a whole new way of playing this game and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for it.

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7. Warframe


Warframe is probably my second most played game this year right under Dark Souls III. Warframe changed a lot this year. We got a new navigation map, and overhaul to the way we grind for better loot. Areas that I used to breeze through have been overhauled and are now more annoying to get through and some popular grind spots have been tweaked.

Warframe is always changing and I really like the direction that this game is going in.

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6. Street Fighter V


I really wanted to place this game higher on the list, but it’s not a complete game right now. I really love Street Fighter V, but it’s still missing so many features that the previous game had that I can’t see it making it’s way into the top 5. The gameplay in this game is amazing and I’ve enjoyed beating the crap out of Lunaliah many times as Guile, and Cammy.

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5. Starbound


Starbound is the perfect game to play when I’m in the mood to relax with my wife and not have to worry about fighting big ass bosses, or shooting shit in the face. Lunaliah and I have built neighborhoods, torture chambers, underground laboratories, and even a home in the depths of the ocean. The mod support that this game has is fantastic and adds to the replay value that it has. The story is complete shit, but everything else is so good and it easily earns a spot on our top 10 list.

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4. Salt and Sanctuary


Salt and Sanctuary is the best game that I’ve purchased for $20 this year. I’ve put more time in this game than I have most triple A titles. The multiplayer works similarly to Dark Souls, but I don’t have to worry about my partner disappearing after a boss fight. She stays with me until she doesn’t feel like playing anymore and that’s usually when it’s way past our bedtime. Salt and Sanctuary is a fantastic game and is well worth the investment.

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3. The Division 

Husband and wife kicking some ass 🙂

The Division has gone through hell this year. It lost a bunch of players and was in pretty bad shape before Ubisoft decided to change everything about it and it worked. The Division is a much better game now than it was a few months ago. Players are coming back, and it’s much easier to progress in the game now then it used to be. The only thing it needs now is regular content updates to keep everyone playing it or it’s going to face the exact same problem next year.

Lunaliah and I really enjoyed playing this for over 100 hours and hopefully next year we can put 100 more into it.

Click here for the review.

2. Dark Souls III


I was originally going to place The Division above this game, but changed my mind at the last minute. Dark Souls III is a fantastic game that has a really, really awesome DLC. This is our most played game this year. Well… together anyway, Lunaliah has put about 200 hours into Terraria for some strange reason :).

Click here for the review.

1. The Elder Scrolls Online 


If I believed in hell it just froze over because I never imagined that The Elder Scrolls Online would ever make a top 10 list of mine. I was a huge ESO critic when it first released. It was a terrible game, but it’s changed so much since then that it feels like a completely different game some times. My main criticisms I had with the game are gone and I really love the new changes that’s happened in the game over the last few months. Lunaliah feels the same way and that’s why we decided that ESO has earned the top spot on our top 10 multiplayer games of 2016!

I haven’t reviewed ESO yet, but you can find a good impression article here.

What are your favorite multiplayer games of this year?

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    The Otaku Judge
    Dec 16, 2016 12:07 pm

    I remember reading your scathing early ESO posts many moons ago. What a remarkable turnaround.

    • Omar Jackson
      Dec 16, 2016 12:18 pm

      I know right :).

      ESO is proof that any game can get better over time if the devs are dedicated to making it better.

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