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Top 5 Best Bosses In Dark Souls 3

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I got the worst bosses of Dark Souls 3 out of the way first and now it’s time for me to share my top 5 best bosses of Dark Souls 3.

5. Dancer of The Boreal Valley



This boss is on my list for one reason. Her intro was badass. Right after I beat Aldrich I was immediately teleported back to one of the starting areas of the game and thrown into another boss fight. This boss looks cool, has a punishing moveset, and hits hard, but I’ve never died against her. That doesn’t mean I didn’t get close though.

Times I Died – 0

4. Abyss Watchers


My first real challenge has to go to the Abyss Watchers. At first I thought it was a one on one fight until I got smacked from behind by another one of them. A third one with red eyes eventually joined the fray, but he was on my side. After getting through that phase the dude got back up and came at me again. Only this time he was in his Lord of Cinder form and he kicked my ass. This boss fight was fun from beginning to end and every time I go up against the Abyss Watchers I know I’m in for a good time.

Time I Died – 2

3. Aldrich , Devourer of Gods


This dude gave me such a hard time when I first encountered him. My very first attempt at fighting Aldrich ended in about 10 seconds because he one shot me with his is giant soul spear. I had a hard time against this boss for multiple reasons. He’s always casting really strong spells and gave me very little time to damage him. This boss fight will test your patience and skills as a player.

Times I Died – 3

2. Lothric & Lorian


The twin princes is a all around excellent boss fight. Lorian alone was pretty hard for me to take down because of his teleport ability, but add his brother to the fight that’s not only a spell caster, but revives Lorian every time I kill him and you’ve got yourself a lengthy boss fight. I really enjoyed this boss fight.

Times I Died – 3

  1. Champion Gundyr


This boss gave me nightmares every time I attempted to fight it. The first phase of the fight isn’t all that different from the first time you fought him at the beginning of the game. The second phase is where the real fight is. Champion Gundyr does not give you any time to heal, dodge, or attack. He’s always on the offensive and he’s fast too. I died time after time against this guy and when I finally beat him I let out a huge sigh of relief.

Times I Died – 7 or 8

And that wraps up my list of hardest Dark Souls 3 bosses. I know most people would have the Nameless King as their number 1, but I honestly didn’t think he was all that difficult to beat. Have you played Dark Souls 3? What the toughest bosses you’ve gone up against?

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Share Your Thoughts!