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Top 5 MMO's of 2015

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I’ve become an avid MMO player over the years. MMO’s have become one of my favorite genres and I put together a little list of MMO’s that I think are worth your time. 

5. Warframe


For the very first time Warframe has made a top MMO list for me. It’s changed a lot since I last reviewed the game. It actually plays a lot differently and has a bunch of new features, and frames for us to play as. The devs have worked hard on this title and I have no problem recommending it as a must play MMO now.

4. Path of Exile


My former #1 MMO makes the list at number 4. It’s not that I don’t love the game as much as I did because I do. It’s just comes down to what I’m having more fun playing right now. Path of Exile is an amazing MMO that plays like Diablo, Torchlight, etc. It has a huge passive skill tree and is one of the few good mature MMO’s out right now.

3. Skyforge


There’s something about being able to play as a God that keeps me coming back to Skyforge. This gameplay in this game is solid. It won’t top Tera, or Vindictus, but it’s pretty good. The graphics are top notch, and the voice acting isn’t bad. Add in being able to switch your class at any time and you’ve got yourself one of the better MMO’s that released last year.

2. The Secret World


The Secret World is the only MMO that I played last year that’s set in the modern world. This is not your typical fantasy MMORPG. In this game your weapons are assault rifles, shotguns, machetes, etc. It plays more like your traditional MMO then the other games on this list, but that didn’t take away the fun that I had with this game. I highly recommend buying this MMO just because of how unique it is when compared to other ones.

  1. Guild Wars 2


This was an easy choice for me to make. Guild Wars 2 had a huge year last year. It’s first expansion, Heart of Thorns, released along with a new character class and it went free to play. I gladly tossed $60 at Heart of Thorns because I love this game and no MMO came close to the amount of content that this game gave us last year and that’s why it is my MMO of 2015.

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Share Your Thoughts!