3DS PC Top Ten List 12

Top 5 Most Disappointing Games of 2016

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A game can be disappointing, but still be good. Here are my top 10 most disappointing games of 2016. 

5. Total War: Warhammer


Total War: Warhammer isn’t a bad game. I really liked it and even gave it a really good review. So why is it on my top 5 most disappointing games of 2016? It’s not as good as previous Total War games in my opinion. I think the fantasy element hurt the game more than anything. I don’t like the Warhammer universe and this game did nothing to make me a fan. The restrictions in the game aggravated me too. Why can’t I conquer humans as a dwarven empire?

The factions are more robust than they’ve ever been, but the game as a whole isn’t and I found myself going back to previous games in the franchise instead of continuing this one. This is the only Total War I’ve ever played that I don’t think is going to get at least 100 hours from me.

4. Shadow Warrior 2 


I really loved the first Shadow Warrior reboot. I thought it was great, but I never bothered to play this game again after I completed it the first time. The gameplay is fantastic, and the graphics are top notch, but it went in a completely different direction than the first game and I just couldn’t get into this game. Shadow Warrior 2 tried to make itself more like Borderlands, but failed. The developers lack experience and it shows. Most of the loot is pointless, the story is complete shit, and Lo Wang is one of the worst gaming protagonist of all time. Go back to the drawing board guys…

Shadow Warrior 2 is a good game, but it really disappointed me in the end.

3. Street Fighter V


I love fighting games. I grew up playing them and I’m really good at them too. Street Fighter V is a fantastic game. The gameplay is phenomenal and I can easily play this game all day long if my wife lets me, but it’s a really shallow game when compared to previous entries. I can’t hide my disappointment with the game and it’s lack of features. I can’t even change the bgm during a fight.

Street Fighter V is missing so many features that I thought I was playing a beta that was released as a full game. It’s gotten more features over time, but that’s still not enough for me. I’m getting tired of games releasing unfinished and adding features in through patches or dlc…

Click here for the review.

2. Black Desert Online


I was so excited for Black Desert Online when it first announced a while back. I followed it very closely while it was a Korea exclusive and when it was finally announced for all of us in the West I was stoked. I even convinced a friend of mine to buy the game so we could play together. Black Desert Online is complete shit and has some of the worst things MMOs could have. I really wanted to love this game, but the more I played it I realized how bad it really is.

It’s a pay to win, grindfest, afk simulating piece of shit and it pains me to say that because I really wanted this MMO to blow me away. Instead I’ve been recommending everyone to play something else because it’s not what was advertised.

Click here for the review.

1. Fire Emblem Fates


Fire Emblem is my favorite handheld series. I love it more than Pokemon. Fire Emblem Awakening is the best game in the series to me and is the best game on the 3DS along with Pokemon Sun/Moon. Fire Emblem Fates took several steps backwards in attempt to sell more copies by splitting the game in three and telling half assed stories in each version. The main protagonist can’t compete with Chrom, and I prefer the world map of Awakening over the stupid castle feature in Fates.

Fire Emblem Fates is still a solid game, but I shouldn’t be calling a Fire Emblem game solid. I should be calling it phenomenal and that’s the problem for me. It’s just okay and it’s honestly one of the worst Fire Emblem games I’ve ever played.

My review of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright can be found here. I never got around to reviewing Conquest.


Keep in mind that I actually like 4 out of the 5 games on this list. A disappointing game doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. 

What are your most disappointing games of 2016?

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  • Reply
    Dec 14, 2016 12:46 pm

    No Man’s Sky, Mafia 3, Quantum Break, Homefront, and Oceanhorn. I actually liked QB quite a bit, but it had the absolute worst final boss encounter that felt uninspired and thrown in for a lack of any good ideas. Ruined the entire experience. I didn’t hate Oceanhorn either, I just wanted it to be MORE than a bare bones Zelda clone.

    • Reply
      Dec 14, 2016 1:06 pm

      I didn’t have very high expectations for No Man’s Sky and I got what I was expecting from it. A mediocre experience :).

      I, sadly, never played QB, but I really want to because I love Remedy and their games are usually really good. Oceanhorn could have been so good if it had some original ideas instead of just copying Zelda. That was the problem with Lords of The Fallen. It’s good to be inspired by something, but that doesn’t mean you need to copy every single thing that your inspiration did.

      Homefront didn’t disappoint me because I had low expectations for the game and it turned out to be a pretty solid PC title, and Mafia 3 told a really great story, but lacked everything else.

      Nice list dude :).

      • Reply
        Dec 14, 2016 1:32 pm

        My expectations were fairly neutral for NMS, but I guess I wanted it to be more of a casual exploratory space game where you can just go to planets, farm materials, etc…. and it WAS that, but it was just tethered to some relatively awful and boring survival mechanics and a pretty shitty inventory system.

        Totally agree about Lords of the Fallen. The whole time I played I never thought it was bad, per se, it was just nothing I hadn’t already played in a series that did everything better.

        Homefront ran poorly on consoles, so I might have enjoyed it more on PC. The premise is neat, etc., but man, it’s hard to play an FPS with a staggering framerate and NPCs that are constantly broken.

        Mafia 3 is the same complaint. Played on consoles, it had lots of technical issues in terms of crashes, glitches, etc., which made it nearly unplayable. I still would like to experience the story and if 2K put out a patch that fixes some of the issues I’d happily give it another go.

        • Reply
          Dec 14, 2016 2:50 pm

          I completely agree with you on NMS. Add in the missing features and you’ve got one disappointing game. The only reason why it didn’t make my list is because I wasn’t really hyped for it. It did get the number 1 spot on my top 10 worst games of the year :).

          It sucks that Homefront, and Mafia 3 ran so bad on consoles. Homefront is like a Far Cry game with some Crysis thrown in while Mafia 3 probably told the best story in gaming this year. If there’s a patch for Mafia 3 I’d recommend giving it another go just for the story. Or watch Youtube :).

          • CheapBossAttack
            Dec 14, 2016 3:06 pm

            I was surprised to not see I am Setsuna on your top disappointments list.

          • Drakulus
            Dec 14, 2016 3:23 pm

            My top disappointments are usually games that I was really looking forward to that didn’t live up to my expectations. I am Setsuna wasn’t a game that I was looking forward to. It was just a game that I brought out of my comfort zone :). It is on my top 10 worst games of the year though.

            I can easily make this a top 10 and throw Mighty Number 9, I am Setsuna, and No Man’s Sky on it, but I already covered those so I decided to just make it a top 5 instead.

          • CheapBossAttack
            Dec 14, 2016 6:58 pm

            Makes sense.

  • Reply
    Dec 14, 2016 1:13 pm

    Kind of random, but dead rising 4 for me. They took away the challenge that was there.

    • Reply
      Dec 14, 2016 1:16 pm

      I haven’t had a chance to play Dead Rising 4 yet :). I’m pretty sure my wife got me that for X-mas though. I heard they took the timers out of the game. I can see how that can be disappointing to long time Dead Rising fans.

      Thanks for commenting :).

  • Reply
    Mr. Panda
    Dec 15, 2016 10:52 pm

    Interesting choice with Fire Emblem Fates. I loved it more than Awakening, and thus didn’t feel disappointed. However, Star Fox Zero and Mighty No. 9 were the most disappointing games for me. The former isn’t a bad game, just disappointing. The latter is Mighty No. 9. To be fair, it’s not the worst, but certainly disappointing for what it could have been. I’m still open for a sequel though.

    • Reply
      Dec 16, 2016 6:43 am

      Fire Emblem Fates is easily my most disappointing game of 2016. I had high expectations for it because of how good Awakening was and it didn’t do anything better to me. The story was a huge step down, the characters were alright, but were also a step down, and I loathed just about everything about the castle that we had.

      Mighty No. 9 is just a bad game in my opinion :). I didn’t enjoy it at all and it’s pretty high up on my top 10 worse games of the year. Never was a big Star Fox fan so I never bothered with the new game. I’ve heard mixed things about it though.

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