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I’m about to jump back into Skyrim after a 2 month break and i’m going to start doing a series of articles on my next playthrough. I love Skyrim, and I love modding it, these are five mods that I think you should try. Every week i’ll post five different mods, here are my top 5 Skyrim Mods of the week!

#5  2013-07-04_00013

Frostfall is probably my all time favorite Skyrim mod. Frostfall adds a sense of realism to Skyrim, have you ever wondered why you can’t freeze to death in Skyrim? Or if you swim through frigid water you’re just fine when you come out? If any of that bothers you then you’ll love Frostfall, you have to dress with the weather with this mod. You’ll need to wear  a helmet, gloves, boots, bottoms, and chestplate to stay warm or you’ll soon find yourself freezing and nowhere to go to get warm. In addition to that Frostfall also gives you the option to completely disable fast travel. Since I hate fast traveling this was a good way for me to take it out my game. You also get access to an axe for gathering firewood for campfires, you can even craft yourself a nice tent. They come in all different sizes, the fur tent protects you from blizzards, while the leather tent keeps you dry when it rains. Frostfall makes you think before you go out into the wilds of Skyrim. I can’t play Skyrim without this mod on and I highly recommend you try it out for yourself.

#4 skyrim gore

Enhanced Blood Textures: This really improved Skyrim for me. I always thought the blood looked more like water to be honest. It just didn’t look like blood to me so when I found this mod it helped a lot. The picture above speaks for itself…

#3 2013-07-15_00004

Enb’s are a great way to improve your Skyrim experience. There are a vast number of them available for you to completely transform your Skyrim game into something breathtaking. Enb’s hit your fps hard so I only recommend getting one if you have a powerful rig.

#2 2013-06-28_00002

Realistic Lighting Overhaul: The above pic really does say it all. Realistic lighting overhaul greatly improves the interior, and exterior lighting throughout Skyrim. Caves in Skyrim were always too bright for me so I immediately started to look for a mod to fix that. I’ve tried many other lighting mods for Skyrim but I enjoy this one the most.

#1 2013-07-10_00004


Immersive HUD: I was never a big fan of the compass always being in my way, I know it’s there to help me find my way around but when you play Skyrim as much as I do then you really don’t need one. Immersive HUD gives you the ability to hide your compass, and crosshairs. I usually play a warrior in Skyrim and the crosshair is completely useless to me with that class. Immersive HUD automatically turns your crosshair off when you’re in melee combat but turns it back on when you’re casting spells, or taking enemies out with your bow, and crossbow. If I do happen to get lost {which is very rare} then I can press a button on my keyboard and the compass will reappear until I decide that I don’t need it anymore.

These are my top five Skyrim mods of the week and i’ll have 5 more for you next week. I hope you like my Skyrim pictures, I’ll link the mods down below so you won’t have to search for them. If you like what you saw here then click on the Follow Us button, and I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

Immersive HUD-

Realistic Lighting Overhaul-

Enhanced Blood-


Here’s a good Enb-

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    Sep 12, 2013 3:43 am

    The best mod has to be the Randy Savage dragon one. Oh yeah!

    • Omar Jackson
      Sep 12, 2013 8:57 am

      I have over 150 mods on my Skyrim right now. The bear that plays the lute is another really good one:]

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