Fallout Top 5 Weekly Fallout 4 Mods

Top 5 Weekly Fallout 4 Mods

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My first Top 5 Weekly Fallout 4 Mods of 2016 is a good one. I’ve hand picked 5 more mods to showcase in this week. 

5. Chrome Laser Wenapos mGlushed


This mod changes every laser weapon in the game to chrome, and black. They look really good in game and I don’t think I can go back to the vanilla laser weapons.

4. Legendary Modification by teaLz


This mod allows us to craft out own legendary equipment. There are various different modes that you can choose from when installing the mod. If you don’t want to work for the ability to craft legendary mods you don’t have to. There is a cheat version of the mod, but there is also a lore friendly version too.

3. Hardbody – Muscular CBBE by vervurax


Hard-body is a mesh edit of the regular CBBE model. It adds muscles to the abs, shoulders, back, and legs. The end result looks really good in game and I recommend checking this out if you have the CBBE mod installed.

2. Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77


This mod does a lot of things for Fallout 4. It lets us wear outfits under armor that we equip, helmets that don’t cover our face can be worn with bandanas, etc, and adds new outfits, headgear, and armor for us to craft. It does a lot more then that, but I think you get the picture. Download this mod! You’ll thank me later.

  1. Tasty Map by Leorhuss


One of my biggest complaints about Fallout 4 is the world map. It’s terrible and does not display enough information. This mod not only changes that, but it completely revamps the way the world map looks. It’s a must have mod in my opinion and it is my Fallout 4 mod of the week.

Share Your Thoughts!


Share Your Thoughts!