Fallout Modding PC Top 5 Weekly Fallout 4 Mods

Top 5 Weekly Fallout 4 Mods

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I’ve chosen 5 more mods to showcase in this week’s edition of my top 5 weekly Fallout 4 mods. 

5. Immersive Mouth by  ClearanceClarence


This mod overhauls the mouth, and teeth for humans. The textures range from 256 to 2K. The 2K version looks fantastic and is the one I recommend.

4. Eli’s Sleevelss Outfits by Elianora


Elianora has done it again. This is one of my favorite Skyrim modders and it looks like she is going to be one of my favorite Fallout modders too. The sleeveless outfits in this mod are fantastic and I highly recommend checking them out.

3. Vivid Trees by Hein84


This mod improves the textures of all the trees in Fallout 4 without butchering your FPS. You might actually see a small FPS boost when you use this mod because the 2K file is actually a little smaller then the vanilla textures. Only use 4K if you have a great GPU or you’ll be running around at 15fps.

2. Cinematic Excellence ENB by Archalyus


I think the pic above shows what this ENB does, but I’ll go ahead and leave a video below so you can see exactly what this changes in game.

If you don’t have a great GPU you won’t be able to run this mod very well.

1. New Dialog by shadwar


This is the second mod that I’ve come across that overhauls the dialogue in Fallout 4. The only difference is I think this one is much better then full dialogue interface. New Dialog not only lets us see the full dialog options, but it also gives us a nice, neat interface to look at while we choose our answer. It’s a must have mod in my opinion and it is my Fallout 4 mod of the week.


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Share Your Thoughts!