Top 5 Weekly Skryim Mods – November

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This week I’m bringing you 5 mods that I recently added to my Skyrim game. I hope you like them and if you do show your support by endorsing them if you decide to download them. 

5. Venice the Marked by SkylaSkyrim


This mod adds a new companion in Skyrim named Venice. She lost touch with her sister, Moniko, when she left and joined the Dark Brotherhood. She’s a good girl with a dark side and unfortunately she doesn’t have a custom voice or a quest about her lost sister Monkio and that’s why I placed this mod at number 5. I recommend checking out both mods though. They’re really well done.

4. Billyro’s Weapons by Billyro and Lice23


I love mods that add more weapons and armor into Skyrim. I’m a huge lore friendly nut when it comes to my Skyrim and Billyro’s Weapons are as lore friendly as it gets. These weapons look fantastic in game and I had to make space for them on this week’s list.

3. Brand New Glass Armor by Justice


This mod adds new Glass armor in the game and it looks really unique when compared to other glass armors out there. It even comes with a custom preset as an added bonus. If you’re into revealing armor sets that support the CBBE body then I recommend this mod for you.

There’s the preset you get with this mod.

2. Face Light Plus by  gunder


This mod requires Face Light in order to work.

Face light plus is an addon for the excellent face light mod. It gives us more options in the MCM for face light that includes a hot key for us to toggle the face light on and off. This very simple mod is a must have in my opinion.

1. Bijin NPCs by  rxkx22 


This mod changes the appearance of Irileth, Vex, Sapphire, Rikke, Hulda, and Lisette. I really like the changes, especially Irileth because that she was ugly in vanilla Skyrim, to everyone and I highly recommend checking this mod out. The video below will show you all the other girls from the mod.


Bijin NPCs wraps up this week’s edition of my Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods.

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Share Your Thoughts!