Modding Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods

Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods

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I’ve chosen 5 more mods to showcase in my top 5 weekly Skyrim mods.

5. Bigger Trolls by Super_King-


Bigger Trolls increases the size of the trolls that’ll encounter in Skyrim. They are ten times more menacing with this mod activated. Every troll you’ll encounter is not only bigger then you but they have longer reach and you know you’ll never just be fighting a single troll. Imagine being chased by a bunch of giant trolls. This mod is awesome.

4. Riverside Shack- Customisable Home by DarkFox127-


This mod lets you use an abandoned shack that you’ll eventually find in Skyrim. At first it looks like the picture above but eventually it can be so much more. You can change the color of the carpets, and curtains and have yourself a very nice [lore friendly] home.

3. Equipping Overhaul by DragonDude1029-


Equipping overhaul adds a more realistic way of changing weapons during battle and using torches. In real life a archer won’t bother storing his longbow if he ran out of arrows and there’s a big ass bandit coming after him with a battleaxe. Instead he’ll just drop the bow, pull out his sword and kill the bandit. This mod does that and it’s awesome. Instead of changing weapons in the blink of an eye you’ll drop the weapon and use your new choice. It’s the same way with torches. The caves in my game are really dark and using torches are essential to my play style since i’m not a mage but the thing that always bothered me was when I dropped a torch the fire would go out.

That problem has been fixed with this mod. Now when you drop a torch it’ll stay lit and allow you to fight the way you want in dark caves. This mod also allows you to have more then one piece of equipment on your character at a time. Think of armed to the teeth but better. Armed to the teeth is a buggy mess but this mod allows you to do what armed to the teeth did but better. You can now have a greatsword, bow, sword, shield, dagger, and axe all equipped at the same time and you’ll see your character covered in weapons. Or if you just want to keep things simple and have a bow and a sword equipped then you can do that too.

2. Stormcloaks Enhanced by edwardvlad-

stormcloakThis is a very old mod. It came out more then two years ago but what it does for Stormcloak soldiers is awesome and I honestly couldn’t find a better Stormcloak mod. This mod makes the Stormcloak soldiers the feared warriors they’re supposed to be. I always thought it was dumb the way they only wore hide armor when compared to the Imperials heavy steel armor. Nords live off of the harsh climate of Skyrim and make their own weapons and armor. This new Stormcloak armor has heavy pauldrons, scalemail armor under the blue cloth that you see in the picture above and chainmail protecting their heads. I no longer feel like i’m at a disadvantage when I join the Stormcloaks.

1. Interesting NPC’s by Takahashi-


Interesting npcs adds more than 255 fully voiced npcs for you to interact with in Skyrim. It adds 47 quests [7 of which are part of the mainquest] and 11 of the people that you encounter can be married. This mod also adds 25 new followers that has dialogue specific to the region of Skyrim that you’re currently in. So if you’re walking past Solitude one of your followers might say something about that city or tell you a story about themselves that took place in that city. Most of the voice acting in this mod is very solid. There are a few weak characters and some just sound bad but you have to respect the amount of work that went into creating this mod and I don’t play Skyrim without it. Interesting npcs is my Skyrim mod of the week.

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