Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods

Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods

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I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to release articles this week. I’ve been busy with my newborn son along with my two little girls so i’m constantly busy. With that being said here is my top 5 weekly Skyrim mods!

#5 Inferno- Envoys of End by gorelus89-

t4cnInferno is a quest mod for Skyrim offering multiple quests, tougher dragon fights, new, powerful magic spells, and an increased difficulty. In order to do this quest your character must be at least level 35. I would have put this quest mod higher on the list but a few annoyances I had with the mod made me push it back to number 5. There is no way to track your quest progress in this mod. I know the author was going for an old school feel but to appeal to larger crowds there really should be a quest tracker. The difficulty of the mod will also turn casual Skyrim players away so I can only recommend this to hardcore Skyrim players.

#4 Kinematic ENB Extensive by Kyokushinoyama-

45304-1-1382536090  Kinematic ENB isn’t exactly lore friendly to Skyrim but it’s absolutely breathtaking and if your rig can handle the fps drop then I highly recommend trying this mod out.

#3 Immersive Sounds- Weaponry by lazyskeever-

45314-1-1382539614Immersive sounds weaponry enhances the sounds of every weapon in the game. Everything sounds more authentic, and real with this mod turned on and it really improves the experience of the game. The way the weapon sounds when it impacts armor is great. It really sounds like it’s hitting a piece of metal or slashing through wood, leather, etc. Immersive Sounds- Weaponry is a great little mod and it has my recommendation.

#2 Immersive Armors by hothtrooper44-

19733-1-1346760506Immersive Armors add more armor sets in Skyrim. Each armor set is lore friendly and very well done. I absolutely love this mod. I always thought Skyrim had too few armor sets in the game and this mod solves that problem. I highly recommend this mod to everyone that plays Skyrim.

#1 Convenient Horses by Alek-

2013-07-08_00014Convenient Horses overhauls the slow, and clunky horses of Skyrim making them faster, stronger, and more fun to ride. It also adds a whistle animation that lets you horse catch up to you no matter how far away from it you are. On top of that it gives you extensive options on making the perfect horse for you. If you want a horse with more health then increase the health. If you want a horse that literally can’t die then you can do that too. Convenient horses is a life saver and saved me a lot of time in my countless adventures around Skyrim and it is my mod of the week.

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