PC Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods

Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods – November Part 3

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After searching for days I finally found some mods that I thought were good enough to be presented in my latest Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods. 

5. Frida by Dorigong

Frida - Skyrim

This mod adds a standalone follower named Frida to Skyrim. The reason why she made my list is because she’s a pure melee fighter and that’s something my group of followers have lacked for quite a while. She looks really good to and that’s a major plus for me.

4. Kthonia’s Unique Weapon Pack by  Kthonia


This mod adds two unique weapons to Skyrim. A Chitin recurve bow and a Dwemer lightning fork. Both weapons look fantastic and they’re lore friendly. I had a lot of fun using that bow. I didn’t use the fork as much because my current character is an archer, but I enjoyed that one too.

3. Rosalie by okame28

I usually try to avoid putting more then one follower mod on my list because there are way too many of them in my opinion, but this mod is actually really good and this is coming from a guy that hates anime. Rosalie is a Japanese voiced companion. At first I thought I would hate her because most Japanese voiced mods on the Nexus are either overacted or the female just makes really annoying sounds, like they do in Anime. This mod is nice and I really enjoyed my new companion.

2. Tirashan – Necromancer Home by Elianora

Tirashan is one of the more unique house mods on the Nexus in my opinion. In order for us to get to this new home we have to teleport there by using a portal that can be found in the Reach. Once you’ve located your new home for the first time you’ll be able to travel there with a simple spell. This house is amazing and the best part is it’s not filled with guts, and skulls. Just because I’m a necromancer doesn’t mean I don’t like a clean home.

  1. Camera Directed Head Tracking by hiryuu19

This very simple mod made my latest playthrough of Skyrim so much better. It’s always annoyed me that my character wouldn’t look in the direction that the camera was facing. This mod fixed that and results are nothing short of amazing. Camera directed head tracking is my Skyrim mods of the week.

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Share Your Thoughts!