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Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods Returns

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I retired my Skyrim mod articles a few months ago, but I’ve recently had the overwhelming urge to start writing about Skyrim again and decided to bring back my most viewed topic. I’ve chosen 5 mods for this week’s showcase in my top 5 weekly Skyrim mods. 

5. Upgrade For Bandolier – Bags And Pouches by Pfuscher – 


Bandolier bags and pouches is one of my go to mods every time I play Skyrim. I love the immersion it adds to my game, but the original mod is a bit dated. This mod gives it a nice little upgrade that adds some much needed adjustments to it. The after is much better than the before.


4. Barbarian Steel Armor by  steelfeathers 


I originally wanted to post some my own screenshots like I usually do when I talk about Skyrim, but I’m currently having a problem with Steam because I’m using the Mod Organizer instead of the Nexus Mod Manager and Steam won’t work when I start Skyrim with it. I’m currently working on resolving this issue.

That being said this mod adds a very nice looking steel barbarian armor set to Skyrim. I love the way it looks on my new dark elf. Unfortunately it’s light armor despite it being called “steel”, but I think it was worth adding to my list regardless because of how nice it looks in game.

3. A Study In Tragedy – Astrid Replacer

Astrid - Dark Brotherhood Replacer

I always thought Astrid was a little bland looking in vanilla Skyrim and every mod I’ve ever come across either had her revealing too much skin or went way too far with her overall appearance. This mod is exactly what I was looking for. She’s sexy, but at the same time looks like she wouldn’t mind slitting some throats on a nice Friday afternoon.

Note: This mod does not include the skimpy armor set. That is an entirely different mod.

2. Draugr by Kajuan


This mod completely overhauls the draugr that you encounter in Nordic Ruins in Skyrim. Hair, armor, and skin textures are all in 4K and they look amazing. There’s a video below with more details.

Yeah… they look sexy don’t they.

1. Chaos Dragons by yousukeve


Chaos Dragons is similar to other dragon overhaul mods on the Nexus like Deadly Dragons, but not as challenging. This mod adds over 25 new dragons to Skyrim for us to beat to death and they all look really cool, but they’re not really lore friendly.

Chaos Dragons is my Skyrim mod of the week. I’ll see you guys next week.

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