Total War: Attila First Impression

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I usually write my first impression of a game after the first hour or two of playing it, but since Total War: Attila has so much content and it took me so long to actually start the game I put it off. I have about 20 hours of play time in Attila right now. During that time I’ve been utterly defeated by Rome twice, and learned how to properly manage my barbarian horde.

The new horde is something that takes some getting used to in this game. I’m used to having a base of operations. I can take my time and build up my army until I’m comfortable enough to attack my neighbors or betray a friend of mine. While that is still the case while playing as a barbarian it’s also not the case. You have no home when you’re in a horde; instead you just pitch up your tent and improve your home from there, but in order to do so you’ll need the right amount of growth which only comes from ending your turn.

2015-02-19_00010Getting a large horde is difficult at first because I wanted to focus on improving my camp, but at the same time I knew I needed an extra general or two in my army. I also knew that I couldn’t get an extremely large army because I would run out of money and go broke. Learning how to micromanage everything is important and that’s one of the many things that really appeals to me about this game.

Going into raid mode and sacking cities is fun, but not nearly as fun as burning the whole settlement to ground and killing everyone in it. Rome is defenseless against me right now and they know it. They’ve lost five battles against me and it doesn’t matter how many armies they throw against me I’ll simply beat them back like I always do.

2015-02-19_00012If you don’t like horde mode you can just occupy any city that you capture in the game. This will make the game play out like every other Total War game.

Total War Attila is a really fun game that I can easily pour hundreds of hours into like I did with Rome II and Shogun II before that. There are some complaints about this game not running like it should, but from what I’ve noticed it’s mostly from people that either really hate Rome II or have really old rigs that can’t run the game properly. There is nothing wrong with Total War Attila performance wise. It runs great and I can keep it above 30 fps on reasonable settings.

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