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Total War: Warhammer First Impression

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I finally got my hands on Total War: Warhammer and it’s fantastic so far. 

I’ve spent the last few hours reacquainting myself with the Total War series. The only other game I’ve played in the Warhammer universe is Space Marine and I never finished that. Total War: Warhammer is fantastic. The factions are cool, the graphics are great, and I can actually play it.

The last few Total War games that released were unplayable on day one so I was smart this time around. I waited a few months before I decided to buy this game. The wait was really hard, but my patience paid off. I get a solid 75 fps while navigating the maps and anywhere between 45-60fps during large battles. I’m running the game on ultra settings.


Since I’m not familiar with Warhammer I read the description to each faction carefully before deciding on who to choose. I ended up going with the Dwarves because of their awesome looking units and I love them so far. I’m a bit rusty so I’m playing on normal mode, but I’m having a blast with this game so far.

The battles are a lot faster then what I’m used to in a Total War game. Classic Total War matches lasted anywhere between 30 to a full 60 minutes while the newer games can last anywhere between 5-20. Keep in mind I’m only on normal mode until I get the hang of things again.

Total War: Warhammer doesn’t have a family tree. If it does I can’t find it. There’s no way to see how politics are going or if my king has a son or daughter.

The animations that I’ve seen from each unit are great. I saw my dwarven warrior shield bash a goblin and send it flying across the battlefield. The units are look pretty good up close and once I remembered how to navigate the camera controls I managed to take some pretty good screenshots.


I won my first siege battle already and it felt good. I didn’t even need to capture the center because I killed their general and routed each unit before I got to marker on the ground.

Total War: Warhammer is a great game and I can’t wait to play some more of it. I can already tell you that it doesn’t deserve all of the negative reviews it’s gotten on Steam. Most people give it a thumbs down because they have to pay for the DLC for the game and that’s not how the review system should work for games.

I’m going to complete a few maps and try out the other factions before I write my review and I know that’s going to take awhile.

Have you played Total War: Warhammer. Did you like it?

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    The Otaku Judge
    Sep 15, 2016 12:37 am

    Looks really cool. When it comes to Warhammer I am only familiar with the 40k universe, so I wish they would make a Total War game based on that property.

    Although a game should be judged on its own merits I can sympathize why some people would lash back about DLC. If a game is withholding content just to sell it separately it should be penalized. Wasn’t Total War the series that asked you to pay to unlock blood effects?

    • Omar Jackson
      Sep 16, 2016 6:01 pm

      The paid DLC isn’t just a new faction. It’s a whole new map to play on that’ll take at least 20 hours to complete. Something like is worth paying for imo. Paying to unlock blood isn’t. Thankfully there are mods that add blood effects to the game :].

      I’m brand new to the Warhammer series. I love this game so far.

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