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Total War: Warhammer Review

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I didn’t think I would be reviewing this game so soon, but it’s a lot shorter than other Total War games. How does the first fantasy Total War game compare to it’s predecessors? 

Total War: Warhammer is a great game that’s got mixed reviews on Steam because of it’s DLC policies. This review is not one of those. I will review the game itself not Creative Assembly’s DLC policies.

The Great:


Total War Has always had great gameplay and that’s no different here. I can argue that it’s the best it’s ever been because of the new way we can play the game. Instead of everything taking place on the ground we can take the battle to the sky. It takes awhile to build those units, but when I did I had so much fun raining death on my enemies.

The A.I. is a little better than Rome II. I was really surprised when my enemies flanked me and went straight for my riflemen instead of my warrior units. After that fight I knew I had to mix my strategies up a little and I really enjoyed that. The A.I. isn’t great by any means, but it’s good. I still had other factions invade me with five units or less.


When I’m not at war with my many enemies I’m building up my cities, researching new technologies, and making sure my armies have at least 12 units in them. By the end of the game I was so powerful not even the big bad evil of the land stood a chance against my mighty armies. If you weren’t my friend you were my enemy. Or at least that’s how I would have liked to play my game. I was incredibly disappointed when I realized I couldn’t conquer the humans, and vampires territories. I’m restricted to only owning Dwarven, and Goblin territories.


The soundtrack in this game is really good. I loved every track that played in the background. The battle music in particular is really good and added to the experience. The voice acting for the most part is solid. When I’m battle or on the world map everyone did a good job of delivering their lines. I loved hearing my dwarves roar as they charged into battle on my behalf and murder those filthy goblins that kept invading my lands.



There are only five factions if you don’t count the DLC. That’s the fewest that’s ever been a Total War game, but they’re the best factions Creative Assembly has ever created. The problem with having 20+ factions in Total War is you eventually run out of creativity and end up copy/pasting some factions. Every faction in this game is original and plays differently than each other.

The Dwarves don’t use magic and focus on their advanced technology instead. The Goblins have very large units that can decimate entire armies if you’re reckless when fighting them. I love how I had to change my strategies according to which faction I was at war with.

The Good:


I don’t think this game looks that much better than Total War: Attila, but it still looks really good. I love how unique each unit looks. The lords themselves look really good, but Warhammer is filled with muddy textures in the dwarven territories. The rocks don’t look very good and some times I had to wait for the textures on my units to load because they looked like clay blocks. The graphics, for the most part, are really good and the muddy textures are only noticeable when I zoom in to get a better look at my settlements in the mountainous regions.



I love what Creative Assembly has done with the customization in this series. I can give my generals different items to boost their effectiveness in battle or on the campaign map. As I won battles I unlocked different weapons, armor, and other items that can make my generals stronger in battle. None of these items actually change the appearance of the generals. They just add passive bonuses to them.

The Bad:

I Can’t Conquer The World Like I Can In Previous Total War Games

I don’t like being restricted in my Total War games. I like going to war and taking whoever’s land I want. I can’t do that in this game and it’s stupid to me. I don’t care if they’re sticking to the lore of Warhammer. I want to take all of the land for myself and say screw diplomacy some times. I don’t like razing a good settlement to the ground if it’ll give me an advantage over my enemies. It’s easily the biggest negative I have about this game and even though it can be fixed with a mod I can’t ignore the fact that it’s part of the vanilla game and it’s how Creative Assembly wanted everyone to experience it.

I Prefer The Realistic Setting of Previous Total War Games

I like the fantasy setting in this game, but I don’t love it. I prefer conquering the world as Rome, or Nobunaga back in Shogun II. I love the realism of previous Total War games over this Warhammer universe because it’s not that interesting to me. I’m not a Warhammer fan and this game hasn’t changed that for me.

The Verdict:


Total War: Warhammer is a great game. The factions are the best it’s ever been in a Total War game, but I’m not crazy about the fantasy setting like other Total War fans are. I prefer exploring a new period in time over something completely made up. I think this is one of the better games that have released this year, but is one of the weaker Total War games that I’ve played over the last few years. Total War Shogun II is still my favorite Total War game followed very closely by Rome II.


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